With aqua-jogging and cross-country skiing

With aqua-jogging and cross-country skiing

Kevin, daniel and marcel can already feel the sweat on their foreheads after just a few minutes. And that in the water – a completely new feeling. To the animating sounds of cool and the gangs "fresh the trio is agonizing together with 21 other "suffering comrades aqua-jogging in the kronach indoor swimming pool. This training session, which is so unusual for soccer players, lasts exactly three quarters of an hour. 45 minutes that have it all.

The spab factor in aqua-jogging is pretty high, provided you don't care how you look and really step on it. And the friesian footballers had "absolutely done that" – as marika siebelt praises. "After the hour, I felt exhausted but still good. And i didn't have sore muscles the next day either", says captain lars meyer. He and his teammates are currently experiencing a "somewhat different preparation", as goaljager aleksander hurec calls it.

Alternative to training in the sun

While others are getting in the mood for the rest of the program in belek, turkey, most soccer players in this country are having to deal with miserable weather and field conditions during the sweaty preparation phase. But don't resign!

Because also "on the spot the spab doesn't have to stay on the sidelines at all, as the unusual activities of the upper district league team show. For the SVF trainer duo, aqua jogging is just as much a part of the extensive program as an 18-kilometer long run through the snowy thuringian forest.

How the friesener prepare otherwise still for the remaining plays in the bezirksoberliga, is to be taken from the report in the saturday edition in the frankischer tag.

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