Who wants to become the gravedigger of the coburg theater?

The coburg city council is always good for surprises – even unpleasant ones. Resolutions that were passed with a large majority after long and mature discussion are often suddenly called into question in a fundamental way. The most recent example: the emergency motion by an interesting coalition (see page 9) to forego the construction of an interim playhouse for the period of the general renovation of the state theater, which was decided in december.

"Alternative match stadiums?"

The losers are alleged cost overruns in the attempt to sign a contract with a general contractor for the construction of the interim stadium. So far, so understandable. But the proposal becomes adventurous with the suggestion that the landestheater should try "alternative venues and locations" to use.
However, the fact that exactly this cannot work was discussed and made clear at the city council meeting last december.

Don't scare away the audience

The applicants simply ignore the fact that unattractive alternative venues inevitably drive away audiences and thus inevitably lead to a loss of revenue. CSU/JC, the electoral community pro coburg, the faction "social and close to the burg for coburg" (SBC) and FDP city councillor hans-heinrich eidt believe or claim to be acting in the interests of the city and its finances with their urgent motion.
Should this motion be accepted and the construction of a functional alternative playground actually be abandoned, the damage to the city would be incalculable.
A theater, which stands there without its own house during a general renovation lasting for years, becomes a patient on the intensive care unit with inevitable infirmity.
When it comes to theater and subsidies, people like to talk about the so-called elites who supposedly benefit from them. In view of more than 800000 visitors in the seven years of bodo busse's tenure, this claim becomes a strange insinuation.

Theater as an educational institute

It also underestimates the fact that the landestheater is not only an entertainment institute, but primarily an educational institute that also does valuable and extensive work at schools, for example – work that is, of course, hardly noticed by the general public.
And a study is still pending that will finally describe in detail the reasons why people come to coburg or stay in coburg because of its attractive cultural offerings.
"If this proposal goes through, it will be the death of the coburg city council", gerhard amend, as chairman of the theater circle, had already warned urgently on tuesday.
Every city council member who votes for this emergency motion on thursday should therefore think twice about whether he really wants to become the gravedigger of the coburg theater. Who should bury the theater in this way, endangers the location coburg also in economic view massively.

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