Vhs 2019: moving moments and a record number of spectators

Vhs 2018: moving moments and a record number of spectators

Bernhard panzer the city adult education center (VHS) also had highly interesting offerings in its program last year, but they were accepted in completely different ways. This is the result of the annual report that VHS director oliver kundler and his deputy fabienne geibdorfer jungst gave to the cultural committee.

For example, in february, professor weller spoke to an audience of 15 on the topic of peace and conflict, while a month later, professor paech gave a lecture on "economics without growth the clubhouse was attended by 250 people, which according to kundler was a record number and even better than the previous year’s attendance. Two further examples of the major differences in response: in april, the lecture on poverty among women attracted an audience of just 18, while the film lecture at the cultural festival in september attracted an audience of 60 and became a highlight of the event – despite the fact that there was a plethora of competing events on offer during those days.

But he was most impressed by the visit of author robert domes, who was in herzogenaurach for a film and a talk, said kundler. Although he has been the director of the vhs for ten years, this visit has moved him the most so far. Domes reported on the boy ernst lossa, who fell victim to the nazis’ racial hygiene program in 1944 at the age of twelve. The event was accompanied by an exhibition at the city museum.

Digitalization continues to make inroads, which is also reflected in the program and in continuing education. Fabienne geibdorfer announced a "massive open online course (mooc)" to. New learning formats are to be demonstrated and an optimal linking of the digital and analog worlds made possible.

Around 85 visitors attended the open house on the occasion of 65 years of the VHS in june, and "culture without borders" in took his leave after 22 years. In the committee’s discussion, manfred welker () thought that was a great pity, since the beautiful ambience of the lang courtyard had made every single event a pleasure.

Ille prockl-pfeiffer (CSU) found it gratifying that the VHS cooperates with many other places. Networking is much better than everyone cooking their own soup. That the VHS online "full steam ahead is very positive: "many groups make use of the."

Last year there were 630 events with 7395 participants. This was slightly above the previous year’s figures. On average 160 lecturers were on duty.

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