Two owls and a mouse

Two owls and a mouse

Happy singing and laughing children came to the reading hour with owl stories in the catholic public library aschach. First, the children were asked to choose one of the two proposed stories, but they wanted to hear both of them! In the first story titled "where is the pizza hedgehog? (by marliese arold) the owl orders a pizza from the hedgehog. But the delivery service doesn’t work out at all: the tortoise is too slow, the rabbit is tricked by the fox, the magpie grabs the pizza himself and the mouse is afraid of the owl. So the hedgehog has to deliver the pizza himself – but that doesn’t work either. Without further ado, the hedgehog invites the impatient owl to his pizza tasting party. This is how the owl gets a delicious pizza after all.

The second story was about the mice (two owls and the clever fat mouse by udo weigelt), who are terrified of the two barn owls tina and hugo.

Only a fat mouse keeps a cool head. Cunningly, she escapes from the two owls again and again, until the mice finally succeed together in driving the two owls out of the forest forever.

After the two stories, which the thirteen children listened to very attentively, the children glued paper scraps to cardboard. This is how beautiful owls were created

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