There is already fire under the roof in dettelbach

There is already fire under the roof in dettelbach

The players from dettelbach and its suburbs are without a coach just before the duel with their former coach duo thomas hofmann and tim reiner. The successor to the two, thomas freund, asked the club officials on monday – one day after the 0:5 home defeat to start the season in the district league against SC lindleinsmuhle – to cancel his contract, officially for professional reasons. Daniel rugamer, coach of the dettelbach reserve team, has taken over freund’s position until further notice.

After the relegation in may from the district league east, this is now another blow for the club. "I was not surprised by his retirement, even if the timing is very unfavorable for us," says sports director christian graber about the departure of the coach. Since taking over in dettelbach, he has had to contend with personnel problems in particular.

With reiner and hofmann, five potential regular players had left the club for bayern kitzingen. This bloodletting the dettelbacher have not yet been able to compensate for. In the summer now also still philipp waigandt changed to the bayern. There were no new arrivals.

Club does not pay money to players

"We talked to players, but we couldn’t convince them to come to dettelbach," says thomas freund, looking back. This was also due to the fact that the club – unlike others – did not want to pay money, which is in no way meant as criticism. The dettelbacher pursue a clear line, which however makes the obligation of interested players more difficult, finds freund. As an alibi, the coach did not want to understand that. Freund says: "the team has qualitat." and: "with a little luck we could even keep the bezirksliga."

What stood in the way of the luck of the dettelbacher: injuries or professional changes of players. This had further aggravated the personnel bottleneck. Relegation was unavoidable – at least from freund’s point of view. Despite these negative experiences, the hope was great that it would be better one division below. The preparation and the test matches were good.

Totally thrown off track

But then came the first matchday of the district league season: the dettelbacher lost 0:5 against a promoted team that is certainly not a bad one and has recently strengthened itself with ex-kickers player joseph mensah. The hosts had started well. But another personnel setback was apparently enough to throw them completely off track: their goalkeeper bastian ringelmann was injured after about a quarter of an hour and had to leave the pitch. After that, fate took its course – and the up-and-coming team broke up the unsettled relegated team.

This game, freund assures us, was not, however, the decisive factor in his abrupt retreat. "I’m very busy at work, and I’ve been given other projects to work on. So it was no longer possible to reconcile my job with my coaching duties," says the 56-year-old. Still, it remains a strange coincidence. Less than 24 hours elapsed between the final whistle and the letter of resignation. It is hard to believe that freund’s "other professional projects" arose during this time period. It is not the only contradiction in this matter. Freund explains: "interpersonally, it was right. They are all fine lads. But they just didn’t have a run.

Sports director graber does not share the ex-coach’s opinion. "In terms of play, we are a very good team. But some lack the necessary attitude."They had simply surrendered to their guest on sunday. A scenario that graber already observed several times last season. "Besides, some people think they didn’t have to come to practice because they were playing anyway," says graber, who is frustrated at the developments at this early stage.

And now, of all times, it comes to a duel with the former trainer duo, who at the time were happy to continue in dettelbach. But graber still stands by his decision at the time, even if he has to admit: from a sporting point of view, it was a goal in itself. "I am proud that we have exclusively dettelbacher boys in the squad," says the chairman, and he hopes that precisely those at the kitzinger bleichwasen will knock over the buck and show a corresponding reaction to the recent events.

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