There are romantic reasons for singer’s move to weingarts

There are romantic reasons for Singer's move to weingarts

Norbert hofmann has an almost infallible eye for young talent, for football players with prospects. Seen in this light, it is at least very close to elevation to the nobility when the former bundesliga professional from bayer uerdingen and coach of DJK weingarts makes intensive efforts to find a player who is not only dazzled by the perfect environment for a village club and the sports home, which is always kept in top condition.

From this point of view, andre singer from dormitz could actually be proud, because he is a member of the up-and-coming hofmann team, which is working intensively on its promotion in the district league 2. However, andre singer came to weingarts before hofmann, because at that time jens zweck – now SV gobweinstein – was still the coach of the "maigischer". The reason was, as it is so often the case, with the keyword "cherchez la femme" connected. Because andre singers girlfriend is in weingarts at home.

Second behind auerbach
Whether the promotion will work out in the end, we will see, when the second part of the current season is finished – and the team of DJK weingarts is still standing there, where it is currently over-wintering. At the beginning of november, DJK weingarts was in first place for a short time – with a 2:0 win against the midfield team from FC troschenreuth, albeit tied on points with the most stubborn rival from SV auerbach. But since auerbach still had to play a match to catch up, they had to go into the winter break with a three-point gap to the auerbacher as second.

A gap that andre singer is quite confident of making up – and not only he, because whoever you talk to in weingarts, you can sense a rough confidence in all parts of the team. Trust in the trainer's rough expertise plays just as important a role as trust in the team's own abilities – and that is something that runs through all parts of the team. In the worst case, they had to go into the promotion relegation as second in the table, but they wanted to avoid that as much as possible, because relegation matches are full of imponderables – including the fact that they don't know their opponents from the neighboring league. But this applies to the opponent in the same way.

According to the state of affairs so far, TSV rottenbach would be out of the kreisliga 1. The possible favorites also include teams such as spvgg uehlfeld or FC burk, and whether SC eltersdorf II is still in first place at the beginning of june 2013 is also far from the last word spoken.

Promotion in sight
In any case, what andre singer says is his goal, but probably also the goal of the entire team: "we want to be at least in the top two and stay there". If possible, it should be first place, to avoid the relegation."

Andre singer's "parent club was the FC dormitz, where he played from the F-youth to the D-youth. His father was active there as a youth coach and climbed certain with his boys also age-mabig with up. He played for baiersdorfer SV in the C-youth, where he witnessed the era of rene hoffmann. In the C-youth his coach was bernd schmitt, in the B-youth it was jurgen katzer, in the A-youth thomas luckner, who is known today from TSV kirchehrenbach. He was still active in the men's team under enzo penna, before he went to rottenbach for an unexpectedly short period of time.

Detour to uttenreuth
At that time, andre was actually still a youth player, playing in parallel with the seniors, then in the following year only with the men. Before that, still in the A-youth, he accompanied some players to the SC uttenreuth, where all of them could not really assert themselves. Andre was, according to his memory, the only one who then made the return trip to baiersdorf, where he played another year.

The way to weingarts was marked by his girlfriend. Andre's coach at the time was jens zweck, who did his best as a goal-scorer but didn't necessarily have much luck as a player-coach. After two years, relegation could no longer be averted, and ottmar bayer came in as coach for another six months to bring the season to a close with his head held high.

Then there was talk at the honorary chairman of the DJK weingarts, hans schmitt, which can probably be described as "semi-official with private elements" and here, too, schmitt knew how to score points, as he had done before with some new players. The environment that always gives you the feeling of being part of a large family, the closeness to your home town of ebermannstadt and your own grandchildren were also arguments for norbert hofmann that he could not resist. In this respect, his decision to give the "blue letter" to SV buckenhofen came as a surprise to many, despite the fact that the club had just been promoted to give up and start all over again in the lower league.

In the meantime, it has become clear that this step, as unexpected as it was for many, was the right one. Some of the players from SV buckenhofen also accompanied norbert hofmann to weingarts, who is now in his second year with the "maigischers" sets the tone. Andre singer, who has experienced this time in its entirety, has one wish above all for the future, namely that he and his team mates will be spared injuries. "To stay injury-free and maintain the run we are on at the moment", this is his idea for the second part of the season.

And maybe then the competitors for the hard-nosed SV auerbach will run out of air a bit.

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