The trees in the courtyard of the luitpoldbad were felled

The trees in the courtyard of the luitpoldbad were felled

They work their way along the trunk from the bottom to the top and then from the top to the bottom, the shrill chain saw in their hands. On behalf of the state building authority, employees of the company thomas from nudlingen cut down the two trees in the courtyard of the luitpold baths.

"Thuja plicata" the expert calls the two trees. In german: riesenlebensbaum. On wednesday they breathed their last. Apparently after a long illness.

Actually, the two thuja trees had not stood in the way of the expansion of the luitpoldades to the behordenzentrum and should remain standing. But according to the building authorities the trees were no longer safe for traffic. This is also confirmed by the employees of the company thomas. You will discover cracks during the fall that were not visible from the ground.

Stucco cancelled
First, the guards remove the aste, work their way from the bottom up to dizzying heights. Then the trunks must fall. Stuck for stuck. At intervals of about four meters, the logs will be passed through from top to bottom. Because the huge trees cannot be dropped conventionally in the narrow inner courtyard. One of them measures 28 meters, the other is even higher.

Martin renninger of the company thomas speaks of "ticking time bombs". The crown of one tree was already secured with special mabnahmen.

Annual rings
Renninger bends over the stump of a secondary shoot and pays for the annual rings. He comes to 86 years. If this side shoot is already so old, it estimates the age of the trees on 200 if not 250 years. However, they could not have become quite so old. They were probably planted together with the construction of the luitpoldbad, and that was completed in 1871.

The damage was noticed according to the building authority during a rule inspection. A crack was found in the trunk of one of the trees. The spa nursery immediately arranged for crown protection to be installed as an emergency safety measure, according to bruno geiger from the landscaping department of the state building authority.

The building authorities commissioned an expert to determine the exact extent of the damage. The examination showed that one of the two side trunks of the tree was completely torn through in the wood body and there was an acute danger of breakage. This had in storms or by snow load to the breakup of the powerful tree could have led. According to geiger, the evergreen foliage, which offered a high attack surface for wind and snow all year round, had a strengthening effect on the tree.

"What damage was caused when the 28 meter high tree with its 1.32 meter thick trunk broke can easily be imagined", according to geiger. Especially since the trunk itself, weakened by the crack, had a diameter of just under one meter, was about 20 meters high and cantilevered out four to five meters almost horizontally.

Possible securing measures by bolting the trunk with threaded hubs and a large number of rope retaining devices in the crown had been able to minimize but not eliminate the risk of breakage, according to geiger. The steadily increasing number of storms in recent years had considerably increased the risk of breakage.

Dry damage
In addition, the two very shallow-rooted trees had suffered considerable drought damage due to dry and frosty periods, recognizable by the brown discolored branches.

The trees were not considered safe for traffic by the assessor or. Conditionally classified as safe for traffic. "No one can assume responsibility for the safety of the area, which is open to the public and will be even more frequented in the future due to official use, even if the above-mentioned safety measures are carried out", was the conclusion of the building authority.

In the course of the conversion of the luitpold baths into a public authority center, the two trees were actually to be preserved. According to bruno geiger, extensive protective measures were planned during the construction period. However, the inner courtyard of the luitpoldbad is to be grassed over again. "Before further planning for the design of the courtyard, the result of a garden preservation study already commissioned for the entire luitpold park will be awaited", communicates the national building authority.

By the way, the two trees will not disappear completely as firewood in some oven. A tree lover has secured five meter high fragments of the two main trunks.

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