The people of herzogenaurach need to talk

the people of herzogenaurach need to talk

Herzogenaurach’s mayor german hacker (SPD) could not complain about a lack of willingness to discuss the issue at the town hall meeting on tuesday evening. The city’s hot topics had already been discussed in letters to the editor and in the social media in the run-up to the meeting, which is why many more visitors than in previous years had come to the vereinshaus.

However, the mayor already addressed some critical points in his report and thus took the wind out of the sails of many questioners in advance. He does not allow himself to be thrown off track by interjections. During the discussion, which lasted more than an hour, hacker also pointed out several times that the decisions made in the city council, whether on traffic planning or housing policy, had been made by a majority vote.

Regarding the demolition and new construction of the town hall as well as the purchase of the former administration building of the company puma, which was demanded by some listeners, the mayor once again repeated the position of the town council: the puma building is not only too large for the town administration, but the one hundred apartments that are being built on wurzburger strabe are far more important, and in addition, an important commercial property will be created after the return of the administration to the new town hall. "The city is not a real estate redeveloper", hacker explained the redevelopment of the old puma building, in which the urgently needed apartments are being built.

Announcement remains

In his report, hacker also discussed the former railroad site and the "camping station" project A. The tenant was not surprised by the notice, but was informed in advance, and if there is the possibility to demand the lease, it is of course possible until the beginning of the building law. "The termination of the lease is not an easy decision, but rather a bitter one for the tenant in the context of urban development measures", the mayor commented on the motion of william borkenstein to withdraw the notice without delay.

In his motion, borkenstein accused the mayor and the city of inhumane and heartless behavior. The two coarse parties should think more christian and socially. With "what expression do you use, if really what is inhuman, my expression is not that?" the mayor rejected the wording of the motion, which could only be a recommendation to the city council. Borkenstein insisted on his motion, which was rejected by 31 votes in favor and 45 votes against.

Wolfgang feucht criticized the planning of the urban railroad (stub) through rathgeberstrabe, which did not have the necessary width, and asked whether private land had to be used for the route. "Private flats are not needed, even if some of them will be tight", declared the mayor. Hacker was unable to follow feucht’s prediction that the noise from the stub in rathgeberstrabe would exceed 70 db. After all, there are legal regulations, and they apply to the city as well as to the town.

On this subject, the mayor was also unable to approve robert erhardt’s motion for an alternative route. The planning and route management is in the hands of the association and the dialog forum, the city can only express its wishes.

In this context, erhardt also criticized the planned expressway and a possible overbuilding of the railroad tracks. "There is no planning order yet, and the railroad line remains dedicated as a railroad route", hacker replied. The mayor could not answer the question about the costs, because they were simply not yet known.

Ringbahn is off the table

Hacker also had an answer to the question of a citizens’ petition for a southern bypass. A citizens’ petition has no effect on the zoning procedure, he said, and some prepared slips of paper were not read out after all.

The mayor could not go along with the proposal to build the stub as a ring streetcar, because new studies had shown that the passenger figures had been corrected upward and that the frequency should be reduced from 20 to ten minutes. A ring railroad would no longer work due to time constraints, because the railroad would need a terminal stop in any case.

Hacker could not really understand wolfgang feucht’s accusation that an overall traffic plan and a concept for cyclists and pedestrians were long overdue. The city does have a traffic plan, is open to the construction of cycle paths and also makes advance payments along county and state roads. Feucht’s motion to create a comprehensive transportation plan was rejected by 21 votes to 60. The mayor nevertheless agreed to have the administration develop and publish a concept.

Friedrich gillich’s question: "when will we finally see another construction market??", hacker answered as he often has before. The former praktiker is reserved for a construction market and there have already been interested parties, but the problem is the owner and the city has no influence, but can only react roughly to a possible conversion.

Herzogenaurach figures

In herzogenaurach, there are more jobs than residents, the city has reserves of 73 million euros and the revenue forecast for the 2018 budget has been exceeded. 22 million euros in trade tax revenue was expected, but the chamber can book eleven million euros more, namely around 33 million euros, at the end of the year.

For the coming year, mayor german hacker (SPD) predicted "cautious action", because according to the present figures, business tax revenues will fall to about 25.4 million euros. Revenues from payroll tax participation continue the upward trend and will amount to slightly less than 20 million euros. However, existing reserve funds are also tied up, for example for the further development of the herzo base, the planned urban-umland railroad (stub) and for schools and daycare centers.

Rising expenditures

"These are figures that some municipalities envy", hacker explained in his report to the well-attended castle meeting. "However, the bubbling revenues also mean more spending, for example on the district levy. This year 28.4 million euros must be paid to the county", the mayor explained.

Jobs subject to social insurance contributions increased by six percent to 23921 with 23,794 inhabitants. Every day, 18,847 people commute to their jobs in the city, compared with 5469 commuters who leave. This requires that special attention be paid to housing construction, including social housing, as well as to transportation policy. Thus, the city council has brought construction areas such as the residential area in the reuth and the development area reihenzach and other small areas on the way.

More daycare places needed

The influx and settlement of young families in turn meant a further expansion of childcare services. In addition to the approximately 1,200 daycare center vacancies, st. Josef in niederndorf and opposite the montessori daycare center other facilities.

After completion of the rubble, the number of herzo buses rises again to currently 460,000 passengers. On sunday, the new bus schedule of the opnv will start with two additional lines, and the annual mileage will increase from 550,000 to 970,000, says hacker. The new line 134 will connect the train station in emskirchen and the line 199 in nurnberg will connect the wegfeld, the starting point of the later stub.

In his report, the mayor touched on civil engineering inspections as well as building construction, fiber optic expansion, climate and landscape as well as the city’s senior citizen work and demand programs. He also commented in detail on the construction of the new town hall and the marketing of the residential building plots.

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