The eichsberg shook

The eichsberg shook

Accompanied by groovy rhythms and a small, funny carnival float, the train, which was already a sight to behold, set off at noon from the kindergarten st. Joseph on the move. All of the kindergarten children were represented – from the three-year-olds from "bergwichtel-nursery to the coarse from the "mouse hole" or from the "caterpillar" room, who are starting school this year. They all proudly presented their imaginative costume creations and made the mountain shake once again for the final spurt of this year's carnival season.

Party mile wilhelmsthal

The happy community stopped at various stations to enjoy the guests on the roadside with small show acts and dancing. Together became "we ride the bob", the "hokey pokey" and the pirate dance and "helicopter 117" danced that it was a true joy. Participants as well as zaungaste had their bright joy at the carnival spectacle, in which one spabrakete after the other zundete. Polonaises were formed and one or two pranks were played. Again and again, the young and the girls, as well as this year as "sube fruchtchen" the kiga-team appeared with the carnival call "kindergarten helau" intoned. Every pit was immediately followed by the reaction of the spectators – pure atmosphere!

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