Sud korea reports renewed rise in infections

Sud Korea reports renewed rise in infections

The number of reported new coronavirus infections in sud korea has risen again significantly to more than 100. On friday, 146 traps had been detected, the health authorities announced.

The previous day there had been 91. So far, 9478 people have tested positive for the sars cov-2 pathogen in the country. The number of deaths linked to the virus climbed by five to 144.

Authorities attributed the increase to, among other things, a new local cluster of infection traps in the southeastern city of daegu, which was hardest hit by the outbreak. Dozens of patients had been infected in a hospital there. "There continues to be an increased risk from such cluster infections," said yoon tae ho of the central disaster management agency.

The authorities have also been concerned for days about the increase in "imported" infection traps. Many sudkoreans return for fear of infection in countries where the virus is spreading rapidly. On friday, tighter immigration controls, including mandatory virus testing for arrivals from europe, also went into effect for travelers from the U.S.

In march, the number of infection traps in sud korea showed a clear downward trend since the peak at the end of february with more than 900 infection traps within one day.

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