Spielleiter: jesus of oberammergau could be a muslim

Spielleiter: jesus of oberammergau could be a muslim

The director of the oberammergau passion plays, christian stuckl, can imagine a muslim in the role of jesus. Stuckl told the german press agency that he considered such a cast theoretically possible.

The play of the suffering, death and resurrection of christ is performed every ten years. Preparations are currently underway for the premiere on 16 june. May 2020. Who jesus, judas and maria will become is still a mystery.

The occupation will be on 20. October announced in a solemn ceremony after a church service. If individual roles were announced too early, there would only be talk, said stuckl, who is staging the passion for the fourth time. "Why does this one get the role and that one the role?? There is too much criticism of my decision."Only a short time before, on 19. In the evening, the municipal council was informed, which had the right of veto.

21 leading roles to be cast, plus 127 supporting roles. A total of about 2000 oberammergauer will be on stage. From the baby on the mother’s arm to the old man, almost half the town with 5200 inhabitants is on stage. Only those who were born and raised in the village or have lived there for at least 20 years are allowed to take part in the play.

In the past, players had to belong to a christian denomination; since 2000, non-denominational and people of other faiths have been allowed to participate. A native of oberammergau of the muslim faith could get a rougher role in 2020. Since 2015, abdullah karaca has been the deputy director of the festival. The man from oberammergau is a muslim.

The amateur play goes back to a pestilence. In 1633 the people of oberammergau vowed to perform the story of the last days of christ’s life every ten years if no one else died of the plague.

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