Sloterdijk: suddenly politics can set priorities

Sloterdijk: suddenly politics can set priorities

The philosopher peter sloterdijk sees in the corona crisis the state as an agent reawakened. Previously, politics had presented itself as driven by factual constraints.

"Now something is coming out that the politicians should not have been so fond of, namely the effective capacity of the state to act," sloterdijk told the austrian news agency APA. The attempt to contain the pandemic was a tremendous demonstration of the ability to draw up a list of priorities. The concern for the budget had been pushed far into the background. In the past, it was said: "we can’t afford anything that we can’t pay for. Today we can pay for everything – with prepaid money. We have tricked reality."

The experience of the lockdown may have been instructive for the burgers, the 73-year-old continued. The people were allowed to understand that they had experienced a test of power of the seemingly gentle postmodern administrative state. "We have a ten-week sanitary coup in our bones. A coup d’etat in the sense that emergency measures have been taken, as they belong to a state of emergency," said sloterdijk. He believes that for many citizens in the west it has been a very salutary experience to see that the state functions not only as the supreme guarantor of tax collection. "I think that’s not so bad, because it contains a lesson in democracy"."

Sloterdijk sees consumer behavior as a clue to normality. "Full normalization only occurs when people are again in the mood to buy superfluous things."

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