Six choruses bring summer to life

Six choruses bring summer to life

"We sing the sunshine away", michael dieckmann, the chairman of the "liederkranz" announced memmelsdorf as an unofficial motto. Officially, the summer festival of the singing club in the untermerzbach part of the community did not have a motto, but because of all the anxious glances towards the sky, such an optimistic approach could not hurt.

Peter was indeed kind to the musicians that day. He apparently honored the services of the sangers. In the courtyard of the old school in memmelsdorf, many happy faces could be seen. "When I look at all the beaming faces in this beautiful setting, I see that all the choirs enjoy singing", concluded mayor helmut dietz (SPD), and the audience also enjoyed the performances.

Diverse repertoire
Not only the "liederkranz memmelsdorf delighted its guests, the choruses from untermerzbach, hafenpreppach, eyrichshof, ebern and for the first time the mannergesangverein heldburg also gave a skilful insight into their repertoire.

From the sailor who can't stop dreaming to beethoven's "ode to joy, "our choir", a song describing the everyday life in a choir, a praise to the wine, the faker song from the opera "die fledermaus" and a medley of evergreens from the 50's to the 70's, up to an african kyrie, the bandwidth of the musical contributions ranged.

New honorary member
Michael Dieckmann,peter markel, the chairman of the sangerkreis bamberg, and jaqueline jackisch, the chairman of the sangergruppe baunach- und itzgrund, to which the sangverein liederkranz memmelsdorf belongs, honored deserving singers. Helga jahn, who, according to michael dieckmann, has done a lot for the "liederkranz" in her 40 years at the club was made an honorary member of the board. Peter markel praised: "not only the chorus, all clubs need today more than ever, such dedicated members like you."

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