Rudiger baumann celebrates a round birthday: the role(s) of his life

Rudiger baumann celebrates a round birthday: the role(s) of his life

What hasn’t this man played: policeman, student, photographer, theater owner, workshop leader, cultural award winner, author?. Although: he did not play all that. He was. It is him. He is also an actor and a singer. And as such has slipped into many other roles: crook and king, fool and wise man, clown or tragic hero.

Rudiger baumann just. Who celebrated his 60th birthday on the second day of christmas. The baumann studio is celebrating its fifth birthday and therefore looks back on the time between 1978 and 1981 as a young police officer on standby, on the rather half-hearted attempt to study electrical engineering, on the training as a photographer and the momentous decision to open his own photo studio in kulmbach in 1991. At first he worked there with a partner, later he worked alone. In 1998 he moved with his family to kulmbach (another anniversary), where he bought a former inn in ziegelhutten in 2000 and converted it into a photo studio.

He had long since taken a liking to theater acting. 1988 – another anniversary! – he stood on the stage for the first time. The local train" was given by ludwig thoma.

From then on, the theater occupied an increasingly large part of his life. In 2002 the "schauhaufen born, a theater group whose name is always closely interwoven with rudiger baumann.

"Hauptling abendwind" hieb the first piece, a burlesque by nestroy. The "franken-revue" followed in 2003. A funny cabaret of numbers. A cracker! A play that became a cult piece and in a new edition in the last few months again ensured a permanently sold-out house.

The "studio baumann, the theater, as it was called back then, was in fact primarily a photo studio. "We always put the stuff aside when we played the theater", rudiger baumann remembers.

It was to be another five years before the studio "das baumann" would become a the acting photographer became the theater owner baumann. To write and direct plays. The classics on the stage, but also together with his wife birgit and his daughter lisa or other stage partners shows own productions, many of which have become permanent hits. Who, through many workshops, kindles a passion for theater in handicapped people and young people, and who, quite incidentally, has created the "world cultural peas" invented (a voucher system).

The former inn has long since become an institution that has immensely enriched cultural life in kulmbach. Artists of various genres found and still find a stage there in the truest sense of the word. You all and many, many fans congratulate rudiger baumann on his birthday. And wish him and himself that it will continue as long as possible at the "baumann in brick hats.

And what do the departures say?

Cosima and johannes asen: the future dream role "in which role would you like to stand on stage with rudi one day??" that’s what we asked rudiger baumann’s companions – and got some very surprising answers, which were not limited to the desired role alone. For cosima and johannes asen ("die buschklopfer"), the "pygmalion" is quite clear by george bernard shaw. Cosima asen as eliza doolittle, rudiger baumann as alfred P. Doolittle and johannes asen as professor higgins.

This production we were also very happy to see!

Georg madl : just be silent for almost 20 years georg madl and rudiger baumann work together – in front of and behind the stage. According to georg madl, it is thanks to rudiger baumann that he is now a full-time theater director. In whose stucco "30 silberlinge madl directed for the first time. We wanted to know from georg madl what role he would like to play together with rudiger baumann one day. His somewhat baffling answer: "we communicate constantly". About the lyrics, about the acting, about the stage design. That’s why i would like to play two monks together with rudi, who have taken a vow of silence – and say nothing."

Frank schott : once the "don quijote"

Frank schott, better known as "frecko" and with this nickname one of the most bizarre characters of the ‘franken-revue’, has been with the "show pile" from the very beginning at. "I admire rudiger’s creativity", he says about his longtime stage partner. He has an infallible flair for good theater. "I have always trusted him blindly. For example, there were those who thought that the "franken-revue" would flop. And then it became a huge success." if frecko was allowed to wish for a role? "Don quijote. Rudiger in the leading role and i as his companion sancho panza."

Strange couple: a super colleague at the same time they started their stage career. Now manfred spindler congratulates in a long, long letter – sorry, manfred, that we had to be short!

Many projects attracted roland jonak and manfred spindler, known as "the odd couple" and rudiger baumann already together through. "There is no envy or jealousy. Everybody is happy about the successes of the others. And when there’s a need, we help each other out."

"The local train by ludwig thoma was the first joint play. Slightly rewritten and updated – that could work again, says the "odd couple.

Frank walther: most like to improvise as "spratzel" celebrated frank walther in the "franken-revue together with rudiger baumann for the first time a huge success. There have been countless joint projects since then.

An end is not in sight, the audience will be happy to hear. Which roles would frank walther like to play with the birthday boy??

"Rudi and i are best together when we improvise. We did that again and again, for example, with the "franken-revue". That’s when we could let out everything that was on our minds…. "

Thomas junker : where the circle closes when thomas junker, guitarist of the band "fingerprints, on 9. March next year once again the "baumann" rocks, closes a circle: junker and baumann have known each other since the first day of their training with the riot police, were roommates for a long time. "We had then lost sight of each other for a while. But in 1984, two letters crossed our paths and we told each other that we were going to be fathers." since then the two families have been friends.Thomas junker, also 60 years old, is still a policeman. But also him the stage virus has seized. And so the friends come together there again and again.

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