Prisoner mutiny in the jva ebrach: five prisoners on trial

Prisoner mutiny in the jva ebrach: five prisoners on trial

They are alleged to be responsible for the prisoner mutiny that took place in the prison in ebrach in may of last year: five defendants aged between 20 and 23 will have to answer for this on monday in the court of lay assessors of the bamberg district court. Four of them have now been sentenced to prison, one to a fine.

At that time, several prisoners had rioted in a cell of the juvenile detention center and set fire to it shortly before lockdown at around 9 p.M. Cups and jam jars had also been thrown in the direction of law enforcement officers. But no one was injured.

The defendants admitted the charges at the beginning of the trial, but also emphasized that they did not want to hurt anyone at the time. They did not give an exact reason for the mutiny, no demands were made at that time. The prisoners hoarded after a short time by themselves.

The damage caused by the chaos, however, is said to have been immense: the prison put this at up to 11.000 euros in. An enormous police contingent and even the special task force were on site at the time, but the latter did not have to intervene.

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