The trees in the courtyard of the luitpoldbad were felled

They work their way along the trunk from the bottom to the top and then from the top to the bottom, the shrill chain saw in their hands. On behalf of the state building authority, employees of the company thomas from nudlingen cut down the two trees in the courtyard of the luitpold baths.

"Thuja plicata" the expert calls the two trees. In german: riesenlebensbaum. On wednesday they breathed their last. Apparently after a long illness.

body of frankfurt 'bierkonig' exhumed

A police spokeswoman confirmed on saturday a report of the "bild" newspaper. Schubert died in october 2010 at the age of 90. The public prosecutor’s office later opened an investigation into his death. According to "bild" there is the suspicion that schubert was intentionally not properly cared for and then died of thirst. There is a bitter dispute about the inheritance.

Opposing each other are: meharit schubert, widow of the former owner of the henninger brewery, and an environmental foundation founded by schubert. Last year, the frankfurt district court declared the widow the sole heir. She had filed a lawsuit against the environmental foundation set up by her husband, who was 64 years old. The foundation was originally set up as an heir – years before schubert married his second wife. The foundation did not give up and lodged an appeal.

Hochstadt schoolchildren dance at graduation

They came in cocktail and ball gowns. The boys were mostly dressed in fine clothes. Certainly an unusual outfit for the students of the hochstadter middle school. They crowned their graduation with a ball in the aischtalhalle.

For this, the young people had not only really dressed up, but had even taken dance lessons for a week. The atmosphere in front of and inside the aischtalhalle was somehow tingling. Excited youngsters with bunches of flowers, proud parents, siblings and teachers.

The coburg city council is always good for surprises – even unpleasant ones. Resolutions that were passed with a large majority after long and mature discussion are often suddenly called into question in a fundamental way. The most recent example: the emergency motion by an interesting coalition (see page 9) to forego the construction of an interim playhouse for the period of the general renovation of the state theater, which was decided in december.

"Alternative match stadiums?"

The losers are alleged cost overruns in the attempt to sign a contract with a general contractor for the construction of the interim stadium. So far, so understandable. But the proposal becomes adventurous with the suggestion that the landestheater should try "alternative venues and locations" to use.
However, the fact that exactly this cannot work was discussed and made clear at the city council meeting last december.

Neudrossenfeld well on it and proud of the series

This is unusual, the glorious exception: since the beginning of the 2013/14 season, TSV neudrossenfeld in the fubball-landesliga nordost has made a proud series – 21 league games without defeat. This is even bavaria record in the five state leagues. A great performance of the table leader. Are there any reasons for this? How to deal with success in neudrossenfeld? We talked about this with coach joachim riedel and manager gerald weinrich, whom we met at training.

Did you expect such a success, such a constant performance of your team? ?
Riedel: you can not before. But we have strengthened ourselves in certain areas – for example, the return of philipp lammert has made a great impact. Guarantor of success is our strong defense, it is one of the best in the league.
Weinrich: our strengths lie in the defense, that was known before the season. The change of coach at the end of august (co-coach joachim riedel has taken over for peter schmidt, who has been transferred to upper bavaria on business; anm. D. Red.) has had no influence whatsoever, which is the real peculiarity. As always in sports, such a series also requires a portion of luck. The luck of the deceiver.

montessori school run raises almost 9,000 euros

Once again this school year, the nearly 300 students of the private montessori elementary school in forchheim ran for a charity of their own choosing. The children and young people run as many laps as they can on the sports island for around two hours – a total of 2570 laps.
For every lap run, parents and other relatives donate a certain amount, which is agreed upon beforehand. The charity run, the so-called "lebenslauf, raised this year a total donation of 8715,10 euro.
The elementary and secondary school students had done their own research to find out which aid organizations they would like to support. They chose the two organizations "amnesty international" as recipients and "parents for children sri lanka from.
Nils reiche took the floor for the association "parents for children sri lanka" with seat in berlin the check in height of 4357,55 euro in reception. The money will be used for the mother teresa children's home in the capital city of colombo. "Above all, new beds are needed and medicines", explains nils reiche.
Barbara hubert received the second amnesty international grant. This international organization with more than seven million members is committed to the protection of human rights. 

Two owls and a mouse

Happy singing and laughing children came to the reading hour with owl stories in the catholic public library aschach. First, the children were asked to choose one of the two proposed stories, but they wanted to hear both of them! In the first story titled "where is the pizza hedgehog? (by marliese arold) the owl orders a pizza from the hedgehog. But the delivery service doesn’t work out at all: the tortoise is too slow, the rabbit is tricked by the fox, the magpie grabs the pizza himself and the mouse is afraid of the owl. So the hedgehog has to deliver the pizza himself – but that doesn’t work either. Without further ado, the hedgehog invites the impatient owl to his pizza tasting party. This is how the owl gets a delicious pizza after all.

The second story was about the mice (two owls and the clever fat mouse by udo weigelt), who are terrified of the two barn owls tina and hugo.

The eichsberg shook

Accompanied by groovy rhythms and a small, funny carnival float, the train, which was already a sight to behold, set off at noon from the kindergarten st. Joseph on the move. All of the kindergarten children were represented – from the three-year-olds from "bergwichtel-nursery to the coarse from the "mouse hole" or from the "caterpillar" room, who are starting school this year. They all proudly presented their imaginative costume creations and made the mountain shake once again for the final spurt of this year's carnival season.

Party mile wilhelmsthal

The happy community stopped at various stations to enjoy the guests on the roadside with small show acts and dancing. Together became "we ride the bob", the "hokey pokey" and the pirate dance and "helicopter 117" danced that it was a true joy. Participants as well as zaungaste had their bright joy at the carnival spectacle, in which one spabrakete after the other zundete. Polonaises were formed and one or two pranks were played. Again and again, the young and the girls, as well as this year as "sube fruchtchen" the kiga-team appeared with the carnival call "kindergarten helau" intoned. Every pit was immediately followed by the reaction of the spectators – pure atmosphere!

The cold temperatures of the past few days have led to the formation of a layer of ice on some lakes in bavaria. But in many places the ice flats are not yet stable. That is the ice cover is too dark, and there is danger to life. Due to the low water temperatures, a person who has fallen into the ice loses consciousness within a short time and runs the risk of drowning. The wasserwacht-bavaria therefore warns urgently against stepping on non-bearing ice surfaces.

The volunteer water rescuers and the rapid response groups of wasserwacht bavaria are on standby around the clock for emergencies on the water and ice rescue with water rescuers and emergency divers. But the best rescue is the one that is not needed in the first place. In an emergency, call 112 for help.

European cultural heritage: discovering what connects us

European cultural heritage sites are milestones in the development of modern europe. Therefore, the traveling exhibition with the title "european cultural heritage: discovering what connects us" is a great success, which presents the sites that have been honored so far on 38 display panels in the bamberg concert and congress hall, also an important program item as part of the international week in the bamberg district.

Under the title "cisterscapes – cistercian landscapes connecting europe" the district of bamberg applies with the monastery landscape ebrach/steigerwald and with 15 other partners in germany, but also in france, austria, poland, slovenia and czech republic for the nomination 2023.