No hard stuff at the school party

No hard stuff at the school party

A visit from the police for disturbing the peace, underage boys who drink themselves into a stupor, or a party – these are three cliches that high school graduates johannes hahn and sarah schulz want to dispel. At their fourth high school graduation party at the rabatz youth center in herzogenaurach today, saturday, "youth protection will be observed", the two assure.

This year’s graduating class of the herzogenaurach gymnasium has been organizing school parties since the beginning of the upper school last year in order to finance the graduation ball. "We’ve hosted a number of parties, not just at the rabatz, but at other venues as well", tells the 19-year-old organizer johannes. But legally, they are completely independent of the school, just like the graduation ball after the exams.
"We are organizing everything ourselves and the youth center has always given us a lot of support", the schoolchildren. For example, the youth center is made available to them free of charge and the winnings are shared in the end.

There have never been any problems with their events. "The last years have put the celebrations in a bad light, there was also sometimes the police or the ambulance on the spot", reports johannes. Because no strong alcohol is served at their parties, there has never been an escalation this school year. "Ids are also very strictly controlled", adds 18-year-old sarah. So if you want to join the party, be sure to bring your ID or passport. Supervision overrides are not accepted.
Parties are allowed on saturdays from 14 years onwards. Since the party is taking place in a youth center, there is a special permit and students under 16 are allowed to stay until midnight. If you’re over 16, you can stay an hour longer "but that’s the end of the party for everyone."

In order to keep track of the age of the guests, different colored ribbons for the respective age groups will be distributed at the entrance. "We have also hired security personnel to better check this", sarah reports.

For an entrance fee of three euros, under the motto "kollegstufenparty celebrates neon some djs put on the right music mix. "In keeping with the motto, we will naturally decorate everything in neon colors", according to the two organizers. A clothing corresponding to the motto is also desirable.
The school-leavers have also come up with a special promotion for what will probably be their last party before the stress of exams: guest list places will be raffled off via the facebook internet portal. "Whoever wins gets to party for free", says johannes.

Preparations for the party are in full swing. Anyone who feels like celebrating a colorful neon party with the high school students from herzogenaurach is invited to do so this saturday from 8 p.M. At jugendhaus rabatz. It won’t be loud or excessive, but there will be plenty of atmosphere and fun.

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