No agreement between north and south korea on industrial park

No agreement between north and south korea on industrial park

There have been differences, a spokeswoman for the ministry of unification in seoul said. The north had not responded to demands by sud korea to prevent a unilateral closure in the future. But pjongjang has said that the special economic zone in the north korean border city will be reopened as soon as possible. Fourth round of talks to resume in kaesong on wednesday. Both sides had agreed in principle this month to continue operating the sudkorean factories in kaesong.

Seoul reportedly calls for guarantee to ensure safety of sudkorean commuters. Sud korean companies’ facilities and products also to be better secured. The government in seoul wants the legal framework for stable operations in the special economic zone to meet international standards in the future, the spokeswoman continued.

After the fierce tensions between the two countries in recent months, the talks are a sign of a tentative rapprochement. The communist regime in pjongjang had "temporarily" closed the special zone more than three months ago. Tensions in the region had increased significantly, especially in the wake of north korea’s third nuclear test in february.

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