New kindergarten building in egloffstein to be relocated

It goes auarts with the community egloffstein – especially in terms of growth. For the next few years, an increase in population of almost seven percent is forecast, which is why the current daycare center will soon be bursting at the seams and an extension will have to be planned.

The design was the focus of the june meeting of the market town council and was the subject of controversial discussion, which was also the purpose of the first planning proposal presented to the council by architect ulrich manz from bamberg.


he wanted to continue his space concept developed in 1995 as futuristic and progressive. Some local councils preferred a conventional building because they had had bad experiences with the previous manz building in terms of high additional costs for the maintenance of load-bearing parts.

Manz also admitted that the dampness of the nearby trubach had affected the wooden house and that lessons could be learned from the experience. Therefore, his new design for the extension is further up and should be in the slope below the property "leibinger" the existing "old building" will be replaced by a new one stands on its own, without being covered by the new building.

A viable family center

"it's only a first draft", emphasized mayor stefan fortsch (CSU). The draft has already been agreed with the head of the daycare center and the government of upper franconia as the provider of the subsidy. Now it is a matter of determining how the new rooms can be arranged and integrated into the overall concept of a future family center.

Local councilor achim wirth (WG egloffstein) is one of the advocates of a conventional house. He understands this to mean a house built with solid bricks and a proper roof, which is to be built slightly away from the old building and connected to it by a covered walkway.

Present employees of the day care center do not like this solution because it would create two separate and personnel-intensive workplaces. Elke raschzok-falk, director of the "elmar" daycare center (egloffstein's lively center of active children), also advocated an integrative concept that ensures short distances and a clear layout. In the future, it will also be possible to prepare lunch for up to 100 children, which is currently provided by a restaurant.

New rough room kitchen

that's why the new "grobraumkuche" is of central importance, around which the essential and important rooms should be located.

Architect manz, who had won the architectural competition for the former egloffstein kindergarten in the early 1990s and therefore owns the copyrights to the old building, advocated continuing the concept of the time, i.E. With walls made of stone and concrete, which are to be clad with wood in the outer area, and with windows down to the floor "so that even crawling children can look out of the window".

Pent roof instead of flat roof

however, the flat roof of the old building is to become a monopitch roof for the new building, which is to be flush with the upper edge of the current neighbor, the "leibinger" parking lot is closed off in height, so that the new building is in fact "imprinted" into the slope and does not stand out from above.

In order to appease the critics in the ranks of the market council, manz now wants to take up their suggestion and move the planned new building a few meters in the direction of the open-air swimming pool in order to show what the situation will then look like in relation to the upper property line: an open area will then be created here on which a children's playground is to be built.

So in the near future there will be further discussions and tinkering. Costs could not be mentioned yet, because the design planning is only now underway. Only when it is clear what will be built where and how roughly will he be able to give serious estimates. He made however hope that up to 90 per cent demand is possible, if one keeps to the defaults of the government.

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