Neudrossenfeld well on it and proud of the series

Neudrossenfeld well on it and proud of the series

This is unusual, the glorious exception: since the beginning of the 2013/14 season, TSV neudrossenfeld in the fubball-landesliga nordost has made a proud series – 21 league games without defeat. This is even bavaria record in the five state leagues. A great performance of the table leader. Are there any reasons for this? How to deal with success in neudrossenfeld? We talked about this with coach joachim riedel and manager gerald weinrich, whom we met at training.

Did you expect such a success, such a constant performance of your team? ?
Riedel: you can not before. But we have strengthened ourselves in certain areas – for example, the return of philipp lammert has made a great impact. Guarantor of success is our strong defense, it is one of the best in the league.
Weinrich: our strengths lie in the defense, that was known before the season. The change of coach at the end of august (co-coach joachim riedel has taken over for peter schmidt, who has been transferred to upper bavaria on business; anm. D. Red.) has had no influence whatsoever, which is the real peculiarity. As always in sports, such a series also requires a portion of luck. The luck of the deceiver.

What did you attribute the success to?
Riedel: in contrast to last year, the eleven have grown together to form a real team, personal vanity has been put aside. The team is mentally convinced of its strength, and we are also able to cope with setbacks.
Weinrich: there is little to add to the coach’s statements. In the previous season there was too much selfishness and too little self-criticism in the game.

Fear of the threat of the first defeat?
Riedel: no, it will come sooner or later. For the nine draws, seven of which were 1-1, I preferred to lose two games and win the rest. But we are already very proud of our series.
Weinrich: I am of the same opinion. But a defeat will not shake this eleven. The players feel at the moment every draw as a defeat, because it happens too often.

Where will TSV be at the end of the season??
Weinrich: hopefully still on a healthy footing and at the top of the sporting ladder. In view of the many young players who still have room for improvement, this is a good prerequisite for a top position.

Riedel: I wish for place 1, for me, the team and the club. The guys are in a position to. But there are many factors at play, for example bad luck with injuries. I hope that we will be spared from this in greater ausmab.

Promotion to the bavarian league is an issue ?
Riedel: of course, when you’re in 1st place just before the winter break, it has to be an issue. The team is responsible for sporting success, but the club must provide the external conditions and the environment.
Weinrich: self-evident. Anything else would be incomprehensible for an ambitious team. For the higher class, however, there has to be a financially justifiable framework. We will take care of that.

How do you like it in neudrossenfeld??
Riedel: when you are successful as a coach, you feel good everywhere you go. With such first-class training conditions, top training equipment and great pitches, it’s simply fun being a coach. When you remain undefeated for 21 games, the chemistry between the team and the coach is right.
Weinrich: I’ve been up at the sports ground almost five times a week for 20 years, it’s like my second home. And since people want to have it at home, we are continuing to work on the TSV project.

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