Murder with rat poison: defendant gives strange explanation in court

Murder with rat poison: defendant gives strange explanation in court

He allegedly assassinated his girlfriend and his parents with rat poison to solve his financial problems with the inheritance. The three victims survived despite severe poisoning. At the beginning of the trial before the district court in ingolstadt on thursday, the 53-year-old vehemently denied being a poisoner. The farmer instead accused his sister of being the culprit. In addition, he presented the judges with an unusual story, some of which was difficult to follow.

Poison allegedly thrown away immediately after receipt

he claims to have ordered the extra rat poison from china only to see if the drug would pass customs. Immediately after receiving the package I threw the poison into the garbage can. "Any person could have taken it out of the barrel", the accused said in a statement. He could not help but suspect his sister, who was three years old. For them, the death of the parents was "even more profitable" had been.

Prosecutor sandra von dahl accuses the german of having mixed poison into the food or drinks of his then-life companion in the spring of 2015. The now 52-year-old is now a joint plaintiff in the trial for three counts of attempted murder. She survived despite a life-threatening poisoning, but she had to undergo an operation. Her lawyer said that at first the woman was not even aware of an attack. Only when the parents of her ex-boyfriend came to the university hospital in regensburg a year and a half later with similar symptoms did she go to the police.

Rat poison from the far east

in the case of the poisonings of the now 77 year old mother and the 80 year old father, on the other hand, there was quickly the suspicion that it could be a crime. For the attack on the parents, the accused allegedly ordered odorless and tasteless rat poison from the far east. He initially claimed to the police that he had bought the poison for someone else.

This was wrong, the man now admits. He was only interested in rat poison because it is also used in doping. That's why he wanted to see if he could have the drug delivered to germany without any problems. Then he disposed of it immediately.

Even the defendant's lawyer, alexandra gutmeyr, admits that this is a difficult-to-understand reason for ordering the poison in china. At the beginning of the trial, the lawyer had read out a multi-page statement by the 53-year-old man. Her client only briefly confirmed that this was his explanation, but he did not want to explain himself further in front of the criminal chamber.

Parents killed to get inheritance?

Prosecutor von dahl said that the 53-year-old had wanted to kill his parents, who lived in the house next door in wettstetten (district of eichstatt), in order to enrich himself with his share of the inheritance. With regard to the attack on the then girlfriend, however, the motive assumed by the investigators initially remained in the dark. The lawyer of the ex-peril said that the motive would become clear in the course of the proceedings. The defendant only stated that he had not attempted to murder the woman. "What should I have got from it?"

"The perfect tater"

the farmer also affirmed that he loved his parents "above all" love. Due to earlier investigations because of arson it had been suspected immediately by the police. "Just because i did a stupid thing once when i rounded my house?" he accused the police of not even beginning to search for other suspects "because I am the perfect culprit.

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