Montessori school run raises almost 9,000 euros

montessori school run raises almost 9,000 euros

Once again this school year, the nearly 300 students of the private montessori elementary school in forchheim ran for a charity of their own choosing. The children and young people run as many laps as they can on the sports island for around two hours – a total of 2570 laps.
For every lap run, parents and other relatives donate a certain amount, which is agreed upon beforehand. The charity run, the so-called "lebenslauf, raised this year a total donation of 8715,10 euro.
The elementary and secondary school students had done their own research to find out which aid organizations they would like to support. They chose the two organizations "amnesty international" as recipients and "parents for children sri lanka from.
Nils reiche took the floor for the association "parents for children sri lanka" with seat in berlin the check in height of 4357,55 euro in reception. The money will be used for the mother teresa children's home in the capital city of colombo. "Above all, new beds are needed and medicines", explains nils reiche.
Barbara hubert received the second amnesty international grant. This international organization with more than seven million members is committed to the protection of human rights. 

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