Mateschitz pissed off: “nothing to do with racing anymore”

Mateschitz pissed off: 'nothing to do with racing anymore'

"This no longer has anything to do with racing, this has become a competition in tire management," the austrian billionaire told the "salzburger nachrichten". "Car racing looks different. Under these circumstances we can no longer use the potential of our car and our drivers."

Because the pirelli tires on their red bulls degraded very badly at the fifth round of the formula 1 world championship on sunday, sebastian vettel (heppenheim) and mark webber had to make four pit stops instead of the originally planned three. Moreover, they could hardly attack. Three-time champion vettel therefore only finished fourth at the circuit de catalunya near barcelona in the overwhelming victory of spanish ferrari rival fernando alonso. The australian webber finished fifth.

Mateschitz complained that there was no longer a real battle for pole position in qualifying because all the drivers wanted to save more fresh tires for the grand prix. "If we wanted to maximize our potential, we had to change tires eight to ten times, depending on the route," he said.

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