“Light as aluminum, hard as steel”

The fubganger bridges are as old as the construction area: namely around 30 years in the meantime. However, because the wooden construction had deteriorated massively over time, and some of the crossings over the lohhofgraben were literally rotting away, the city council decided months ago to create a replacement. Now it is being implemented.
And that's not all: instead of wood, a material is used that apparently has many advantages, but is probably not yet used so frequently. It's all about plastic reinforced with fiberglass. A specialist company is currently working to build the four bridge structures over the lohhofgraben in the rough residential area behind the vocational school.

Construction time: only four weeks

as arne bottger from the company BGL consult from zellingen near wurzburg explained, plastic has many advantages over conventional materials, especially wood. The material itself is about as light as aluminum, but as strong as steel. Furthermore, it could be worked on well and the work does not take very long.
This in turn impressed gerhard merkel, head of the building authority. The overpasses will be placed on new screw foundations. These are also very light and, as bottger explained, could theoretically be transported by hand. Little space is needed, everything can be delivered with smaller vehicles, and construction does not require heavy equipment or a lot of time. The bridges will be ready in just four weeks, emphasized second mayor renate schroff (SPD), who inspected the construction work on site on friday. Normally, merkel explained, such an activity can take up to five months to complete.
Admittedly, it is only footbridges that have to be built there. But they still have to have a certain load-bearing capacity. Let the building yard drive over it, for example for winter road maintenance. But otherwise cars had no business there, as merkel emphasized. The crossings are for cyclists and pedestrians only.
According to bottger, the material has been around for about four decades. He was mainly involved in the construction of railroad lines. His company specializes in the material and, with ten employees, is already the market leader in germany, he said.
The work is scheduled to be completed by 17. November will be finished. The cost is 450,000 euros. According to schroff, the material has a lifespan of at least 50 years. When asked about this, bottger confirmed: "of course: they can do it."

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