Kulmbach gets the benefit?

kulmbach gets the benefit?

Kulmbach – two adults touring a large part of the nurnberg metropolitan region with up to four children for 18 euros a day? Sounds interesting for rail customers, but it is not possible with a ticket from deutsche bahn, but only with a day ticket from the transport association for the greater nurnberg area (VGN) – and that is not possible at the train stations in the district of kulmbach.
While the district of lichtenfels joined the VGN on 1. While the district of lichtenfels joined the network on january 1, kulmbach has not yet been able to join for cost reasons.
"This cannot be allowed to happen", says former kulmbach city councillor and train rider volker wack, who, like many a commuter, wishes that kulmbach would not continue to be a wasteland in the VGN's route and fare association.

Number three in germany
It is a sign of poverty, says wack, who sees the political will to demand opnv in lichtenfels, but only lip service in kulmbach. The VGN offers a service that made the opnv attractive to many people in the first place." not only in terms of price. The benefits of the marketing offensive of the VGN, which is the third-largest german transport association in the flat region, should not be underestimated. Volker wack: "above all, tourism in the region would benefit from this."
The district of lichtenfels found it easier to join in view of the costs. There, just 200,000 euros had to be paid in 2015, while kulmbach, according to the district administration, had to pay over 900,000 euros in the first year.
"You can't simply compare the figures because they are based on different passenger numbers and commuter flows", says VGN press spokesman manfred rupp, who says the regional corporation has to make compensation payments.
The money had to be used to compensate for shortfalls in revenue, which occurred because the revenue from VGN ticket sales did not cover all the costs incurred by the opnv in the region. In addition, investments for the tariff changeover had to be borne at the beginning, which were caused, for example, by the equipment of the stops. These were charged in the first year.
According to rupp, the initial costs for the district of kulmbach were not 900,000 euros as stated by the district, but 781,724 euros, and 369,593 euros for the following year. In the long term, these had been reduced to the zweckverbands levy of around 48,000 euros by 2030. He makes no bones about the fact that it is mainly commuters and frequent travelers who benefit from the VGN, while those who travel in the local transport area have had to reckon with rising prices.

No structural aid preserved
Wack's accusation that accession is not politically desired is vehemently rejected by district administrator klaus peter sollner. "I stand by the fact that the metropolitan region and the VGN region will end up being the same area.", says sollner, who recalls that in 2013 the county council unanimously opposed the annexation. "Because it was not presentable in the budget". The consequence of joining was that the county levy had to be increased by two percentage points. The request to enable kulmbach to connect via extraordinary structural aid was rejected by the free state of bavaria.

It's not just the politicians who have a role to play
As michael beck, who deals with local public transport in the district office, emphasizes, the question of joining the network is not the sole responsibility of the district. "We must of course also take into account aspects of concession law and the rights of transport companies." if the politicians decided to join, private bus operators could still prevent them from doing so. And the will of the companies to join, as beck lets slip, is not rough.

Discussions continue
According to district administrator klaus peter sollner, the train has not yet left the station. They are in talks with the transport association and have their sights set on the third round of expansion, the preliminary work for which is planned for 2016 and 2919. The framework conditions had to be recalculated. Sollner: "if it was then financially feasible, we could get closer to the connection again."

A numerical example
The connection is not expected in the short term. And so volker wack goes on to talk about an "unattractive opnv offer" lawsuits. Some numerical examples not only hurt him: the train ride from kulmbach to bayreuth costs 8.10 euros for adults. If you want to continue from bayreuth to nurnberg, you "only" have to drive the much longer distance 10,80 euro berappen. You can travel to bayreuth with a train fare, and from bayreuth to nurnberg with a public transport ticket.

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