Kissinger arrested in prague

Kissinger arrested in prague

Police vehicles on the market square: last friday, this caused a big stir in bad kissingen. It is now clear that the operation was connected with suspected drug dealings of two young men from kissingen, who have been occupying the criminal police and the public prosecutor’s office in schweinfurt for several months already.

On tuesday, the police and the public prosecutor’s office reported under the headline "strike against local narcotics scene" of the arrest of a 22-year-old from the spa town of prague. According to the report of the investigating authorities in the czech capital, the suspected offender was "on the basis of a european arrest warrant" have been arrested. The police operation in bad kissingen involved searches of two of the man’s former apartments "following his arrest" traded. The arrested man is suspected of having "trafficked extensively in hashish and marijuana".

Investigations continue

First indications that the 22-year-old "in the bad kissingen area" was involved in a "heavy trade in narcotics" had already emerged at the beginning of the year, according to the schweinfurt criminal investigation department. The investigations by the public prosecutor’s office and the police into this matter have not yet been completed, even now.

The case of the 22 year old is connected to the arrest of a 24 year old kissinger half a year ago, whom the police now consider to be an "accomplice" denotes. As reported on 20. May on the A 7 near bad bruckenau "during a procurement drive" has been taken out of circulation and controlled by the police. According to the police, the officers found "more than 1.5 kilos of hashish" in the car.

Link to arrest in may

The apartment of the 24-year-old kissinger was searched the same day. The investigators discovered a good two kilos of marijuana, it was said at the time. In addition, they seized knives and baseball bats in the man’s apartment, as well as more than 3,000 euros in cash. The man was "presumably from drug trafficking" the investigators reported at the time.

The investigating authorities were not informed about the 24-year-old until july, and then only after repeated inquiries. The investigators explained this conspicuous restraint at the time with "investigative tactics".

European arrest warrant

Shortly after the arrest of the 24-year-old, the 22-year-old suspected of the crime "went abroad to europe" police and public prosecutor’s office now write. He has been on the run ever since. At the request of the schweinfurt public prosecutor’s office, a european arrest warrant was subsequently issued against the 22-year-old, investigators now declare.

In cooperation with the wurzburg police, the suspected perpetrator was "finally located in prague, police and public prosecutor’s office now declare. Curiously, however, ratsch und tratsch in bad kissingen had already claimed in july that the young man had been taken to the czech capital.

Waiting for delivery

In prague, the czech police arrested the 22-year-old suspect last friday morning. Currently, the man is sitting there in custody and waiting for his extradition to germany. The arrested is suspected to have "extensively trafficked in hashish and marijuana handguns." the extradition request is currently being examined by the czech authorities. Axel weihprecht, senior public prosecutor in schweinfurt, assumes that the extradition will also be granted. The 24-year-old, who was arrested in may, has been in custody since then. As the senior public prosecutor explained when asked, charges have since been brought against him before the gross criminal court at the schweinfurt district court. Siegfried farkas

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