Kindergarten planning starts from scratch

Kindergarten planning starts from scratch

Fiber optic connections, war memorial, kindergarten and the installation of a new seating area at the lake were the items on the agenda at the town council meeting in stettfeld on wednesday evening.

Mayor alfons hartlieb (CSU) announced that the plans for the renovation and modernization of the kindergarten had been scrapped. After a change of architect, the costs exploded, but the subsidies remained the same, which is not affordable for the community and the kindergarten association.

New plans needed

"Therefore here rather an end with fright", hartlieb stressed. Since the fire protection renovation is pending and more care places for school children are needed, new plans have to be made anyway. Information is to be provided at the marz meeting.

The tiresome parking problem was once again a topic of discussion. In september 2019, several changes to and in a building had been approved in the main street. However, four parking spaces should be provided for this, and this should be done on a plot of land in rudendorfer weg. According to a commentary on the bavarian building code, the distance can be up to 150 meters. Since the path in this case is almost 250 meters long, the district office asked again for comments. Another proposal now envisages an entrance through the garden street and the barn, which the architect estimates at 158 meters, the building authority at 215 meters.

After lengthy discussion, the council concluded that they could live with the solution, but that it was up to the developer to approach the community and talk about alternatives. Since the land in the rudendofer way is in the possession of another family, a land registration is necessary. With 9:1 votes the council decided to grant the consent as soon as the real security has been effected by the registration in the land register or another amicable solution has been found.

Bauhof and burgermeisterzimmer will be equipped with a fiber optic connection, this was decided unanimously by the municipal council. The bavarian state government is currently running a demand program to provide public facilities with high-speed internet. The funding rate for this is 90 percent, since stettfeld is located in an "area with special need for action" is located. The total cost is around 40,000 euros, of which stettfeld must contribute 4,000 euros. For the connection of the building yard there was agreement. Whether it makes sense to stay in the mayor’s office was briefly discussed. Something that councillors walfried spath and werner rumer could only shake their heads at. "Don’t go back to the middle ages, spath interjected, and rumer added. "When you get a chance like this, you take it!"

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