Josepha does a good job as christ child

Josepha does a good job as christ child

Twelve-year-old josepha pflaum is the new christian child of eltmann. She was a bit excited as she waited for her prologue on saturday afternoon in the midst of her little angels. She has a lot of experience on the stage as a guard girl "and she always helps us at the women's carnival, too, how margret cramer from the tourist office women.

Pian genslein retired after five years of service
that's why she just asked josepha to be the new christ child, after pia genslein "retired" after five years went. Josepha did a great job, got a lot of applause, and daddy stefan had a little snatch in the corner of his eye.

Rough was the offer of arts and crafts and self-marketers, and especially warmendes found rubbing sales. The weather had changed from continuous rain to frosty winter air just for the first advent weekend.

Hot drinks were in great demand, and with a heaping caipirinha in hand, many watched the carver jonas pitscheider, who has been part of the wallburgweihnacht for the past six years. This time he had brought a piece of over 200 years old chirbel pine from south tyrol. "What it will be", many people, especially children and young people, were still asking themselves in the afternoon.

Saint elizabeth of the wallburg
Pitscheider had just started working in the upper third. Again and again he stepped back to take mab – and then the spans flew. "An elisabeth will", he knew at the beginning, and an hour later the contours of the holy figure were already clearly visible.

The musicians of the town band, santa claus, the puppet theater, the sled dog group, the castle people and above all the stand operators with their creative offerings once again ensured a successful wallburgweihnacht, which stands out from other advent markets.

Mayor michael ziegler thanked the many helpers, the city's building yard, the firemen who kept the access roads clear, and the two bus drivers.

Successful rock concert
The rock night on the eve of wallburg christmas in the market square has become an established event. "The wooden jukebox found many listeners, and the musicians really fired up their audience. Eltmann proves: an open-air concert, that also works on 1. December.

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