It was no Rodach Schutze

It was no rodach schutze

"I had not even imagined that it had anything to do with our rodach protectors", says mayor tobias ehrlicher when asked about the house searches that took place on thursday in munich and kaufbeuren as well as in bad rodach.
This refers to the schutzgesellschaft 1497. She fears for her good reputation after bad rodach appeared in a news report about the "bayerische schiebsportgruppe munchen" goes. This is suspected of being a kind of armed arm of the pegida movement. But since there is talk of searches and confiscated weapons and also of an apartment in bad rodach, a shadow automatically falls on the only gun club in town.
For the guardian society second guardian master reinhard hofmann states: "we would like to clarify clearly that neither our association nor one of our members is concerned thereby." the association, which was founded on 10. Until 13. May organizes its "jedermannschieben", a competition with air rifles and small-caliber weapons. Coarse caliber will not be shot.
Stefan probst, press spokesman for the police in coburg, confirms that the investigations were not directed against the schutzengesellschaft as an association or one of its members. Rather, it was about a person who also has a residence in bad rodach. As mayor tobias ehrlicher says, a second residence.
Probst is unable to give any further details. He refers to the press office of the police prasidium of upper franconia in bayreuth. But even jurgen stadter, who is employed there as a press spokesman, can only refer to further information. Only the bavarian ministry of the interior provides information on this case. The ministry has already confirmed to bayerischer rundfunk that searches have been carried out at the "bayerische schiebsportgruppe munich" has given. There is talk of personnel overlaps between the schutzenverein and pegida munich. This is particularly the case at the management level. In order to check for concrete suspicious facts, house searches were carried out on ten people. This happened in munich, in kaufbeuren and in one case also in bad rodach. 120 policemen were supported thereby partly also by special units, reports the BR. There had been violations of the weapons law, which were not named closer. Two illegal weapons are also said to have been confiscated.
As the ministry assures the tageblatt, the searches referred to a private person. The "schutzenverein" in bad rodach is not directly connected to this. The proceedings are about a ban on the "schiebsportgruppe munich" association, for which evidence is currently being collected.

Pegida in the sights

Bavaria's interior minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) is quoted as saying: "in any case, we have today stepped on the toes of the armed scene surrounding pegida munchen." he has the concern that the bavarian push sports group munich "aggressively realizes the anti-constitutional goals of pegida munich" (O-ton herrmann) wolle. There is an obvious fear of attacks on minorities such as refugees and muslims.
Herrmann assures bayerischer rundfunk: "we will not stand by and do nothing here. We take every form of extremism very seriously. That is why we consistently pursue every suspicion of infiltration of our constitutional order."

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