“Home village french switzerland” planned – emotions boil up

Almost four years ago to the day, thomas merz applied for the construction of a new french hut on his rough site behind the "zur guten einkehr" inn in morschreuth. Next to this "hut, which is now standing but is still a state-owned wooden house with room for 180 guests, a so-called "outdoor base" should be built will be created. This open-air station should establish itself in the sports scene as a contact point where they can exchange information about sports. It should also be a platform for families and tourists. Nothing came of it until today. For even then there was resistance from the residents, who feared above all larvae pollution. In the meantime merz has changed his plans and wants to make everything smaller and different. Now, where there is already a small camping site, a so-called "home village french switzerland" is to be built will be created. This includes a small campground, up to ten log cabins, and the event hut, where seminars can be held, for example. However, the land use plan must be changed and a development plan must be drawn up. It will be called "morschreuth-steckelacker" and becomes a special construction area. Not because this project is to be realized in morschreuth, gobweinstein mayor hanngorg zimmermann () had moved the market town council meeting to the morschreuth creative center, but because the gobweinstein parish hall was being used for another purpose. Holger winkler from the nurnberg office P4, christian limmer from the bayreuth engineering company IBAS and lisa berger from the office anuva from nurnberg as well as 15 morschreuth citizens came to listen to the presentation of the new plans. The latter, however, understood little in the back rows due to the extremely poor acoustics of the loudspeaker system. Zimmermann first clarified that the agenda item had not yet been determined at the time of publication of the last newsletter. "We are expected to do everything by the train", said zimmermann. Winkler explained that two smaller special areas for recreation will now be created. In addition, there is another special offer "weekend space", an area for a small campground with a hedge in front of it to separate it from the residential area and areas for land use and species protection. The forest is also to remain and the orchard is even to be developed further. The parking lots will be dug in.

Two biotopes

Worthy of protection in two smaller biotope areas is above all the sand lizard, whose habitat must be preserved, explained lisa berger. Christian limmer had carried out the sound engineering study. According to the law, the noise level must not exceed 60 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night, just like in the adjacent residential area. At events is at 21.30 o’clock, so that the guests have left the land by 22 o’clock. The event area, according to limmer, is relatively far away from the residential area. Local councillor konrad schrufer () spoke out in favor of getting this project off the ground. Because in the french part of switzerland there are enough problems with wild campers. Bernhard vogel (SPD), himself a direct neighbor, was surprised that 180 people can now come. Before, there were only 90. Furthermore, vogel asked where the rescue concept was. "Even up to 180 people there will be no rescue concept", zimmermann replied. The ambulance comes quite normally. Thomas merz was allowed to briefly explain what he intends to do: no more sports, rather soft tourism for deceleration. He has also removed celebrations from the concept. "We do not plan to make this land full of people", said merz, rather seminars with 30 or 40 people. Hans heckel (CSU), also from morschreuth, had concerns and had requested a town hall meeting before the council meeting to find out the mood of the residents. He received applause from the audience, and zimmermann had to ring his "SPD bell" call drummer to order. The mayor pointed out that the previous municipal council had already concluded an urban development contract with merz. "We stick to the processes, and before that a mood picture of the burgers is the wrong approach", said the head of the town hall. He said to the burgers: "I think it’s wrong to applaud something that’s not right."

Castle meeting

Now one is in he early participation of the bearers of public interests, the citizens will then be at the castle meeting on 4. August at the "zur guten einkehr" inn heard. "First the board must be informed, then the citizens", also expressed head of business peter thiem. "The burgers want to know what’s going on there", another interjection came from the audience bench, and zimmermann had to ring his bell again. Also the SPD wanted it first with the burgers clear, so now vogel. Also maximilian sebald (juf) had been for a burgers meeting before the council meeting. Kerstin holzel (SPD) said that not everything is set in stone. Daniela drummer () spoke of an "emotional issue" with the neighbors, but you also have to see that the existence of a businessman is at stake. "The experts say it can be implemented. We must be able to rely on that", saw drummer. "I think it’s basically good when something happens in the village", said the other morschreuter in the council, benno beck (BMG). He wanted a fence around the campground, on which a maximum of 24 tents should stand. Not that then the emergency urination is performed in the direction of the neighbors. Tanja rost (juf) was reassured that the burgers could still get involved. Georg lang (CSU) saw "considerable need for discussion". Against the votes of lang and heckel, the council voted to change the land-use plan.

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