Hochstadt schoolchildren dance at graduation

Hochstadt schoolchildren dance at graduation

They came in cocktail and ball gowns. The boys were mostly dressed in fine clothes. Certainly an unusual outfit for the students of the hochstadter middle school. They crowned their graduation with a ball in the aischtalhalle.

For this, the young people had not only really dressed up, but had even taken dance lessons for a week. The atmosphere in front of and inside the aischtalhalle was somehow tingling. Excited youngsters with bunches of flowers, proud parents, siblings and teachers.

It only became quiet when principal michael ulbrich and his band "jump 5" performed a ceremony on called for the polonaise. The students entered the hall to the sound of spanish music. Mayor gerald brehm (JL), dean kilian kemmer and pastor fritz schafer gave them some well-meant words for their future journey. Then came the first "slow waltz", proudly observed by parents.

The graduates of the ritter-von spix secondary school had every reason to celebrate. Your school is a particularly successful one, in the words of mayor brehm even "the most successful middle school in the district of central franconia". Principal michael ulbrich also has reason to be pleased: all school leavers have apprenticeships or will continue their education at other schools, such as the technical secondary school.

School pays attention to the prospects of the schoolchildren
The school had adopted the motto "no graduation without a connection" and is implementing it one hundred percent, says ulbrich. "We really take care of every student! We don't dismiss anyone if we don't know what they're going to do afterwards and what their near future holds."

but the schoolchildren are also released into a good time for them. There is an oversupply of apprenticeship places, says the rector. He had to keep telling interested companies and craftsmen: "we don't have any more free teachers." the qualifying secondary school diploma is very well recognized and "very much appreciated" by companies. All those who have it have had good chances.

High school students come back
Of the two regular classes with a total of 49 participants, 33 had passed the qualifying examination. In the M train, the rate is as high as 100 percent: all 43 participants have their qualifying diploma in their pockets. Hardly anyone fails the intermediate school leaving certificate either, emphasized the rector. 64 of the 66 middle-school candidates have successfully graduated.

Ulbrich recognizes a very clear trend to strive for the middle school leaving certificate. "That is our educational goal!" more than half of all fifth-graders at the school are likely to graduate with the intermediate certificate of secondary education. It's just that the parents haven't quite caught on yet. The number of students transferring to gymnasiums or realschulen has not changed. The principal is therefore calling for more confidence in this educational pathway. The fact that he has fewer students in the fifth classes than in the final classes proves him right.

"We start with fewer students than come out at the end!" because from the eighth grade onwards, a return of students from gymnasiums and realschulen can be observed. Unlike these schools, the middle school operates on the "class teacher principle" at the end. The fact that the classic class teacher is good for the schoolchildren can be clearly seen in the returning students. Ulbrich expects 30 to 40 students from the region to return to his middle school from other schools in the coming school year.

And what happens after school?? Of the 49 students in the two regular classes, 19 are going into vocational training, while twelve have decided to repeat the course voluntarily in order to strive for the qualification. 18 strive for the middle school leaving certificate. They are taking advantage of the new "M 9 plus 2" offer one that will be offered for the first time at the ritter-von spix school. This means that students who pass the qualifying examination can reach the intermediate level in two years.

"The jump from ninth to tenth grade is too rough for some students. You can put a year in between", says the principal. His school, which is the only one in the region, immediately decided to try this model. The offer is excellently accepted.

In the fall there will be two classes M 9 plus 2 with a total of 41 students. 25 of them are from the ritter von spix school.

Only three students are undecided
Of those who have completed their secondary education, 40 have an apprenticeship, one is going to the armed forces, 14 to a technical college and six to a technical academy. Two have decided to voluntarily repeat the tenth grade. Only three students do not yet know which offer to accept.

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