Gerhard neubauer receives golden medal

The municipality of steinbach am wald has been very cautious with this award in the past, to emphasize its high value accordingly. "It is therefore a special honor for me to be able to present you today with the certificate and the golden medal of the municipality of steinbach am wald in the presence of your family, the chairmen of the parliamentary group and our honorary citizens joachim wiegand and konrad wiegand" said loffler delightedly.

In almost forty years of political activity, gerhard neubauer has been particularly committed to the interests of his community and the community at large. Loffler praised the efforts of his predecessor in the office of mayor, who had always sought fairness and compromise even in political disputes. And it was thanks to neubauer’s farsightedness that he sought cooperation with tettau in the school sector at an early stage. In addition to the general renovation, this cooperation paved the way for the current middle school in windheim. "For your commitment to the well-being of our home community of steinbach am wald, we would like to thank you and also include your wife ida and your children, who had to share you with us for many years", the mayor concluded his laudation.

Gerhard neubauer, who was very impressed by the award, remarked modestly: "you just have to be there for everyone and do your job." klaus loffler is the best example of this. And you also need a bit of luck. His thanks went to all the members of the municipal committees. Neubauer was particularly pleased that his own official, oldburg master edwin trebes, attended the ceremony.

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