Fraud investigation against haderthauer may begin

Fraud investigation against haderthauer may begin

The investigators now have a clear path to comprehensively examine the allegations of fraud against one of the closest confidants of prime minister horst seehofer. The spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office, ken heidenreich, did not say whether or when the investigation will be formally opened. Seehofer had recently given his full backing to haderthauer on two occasions.

The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed by a former co-partner of the haderthauer couple at the company sapor modelltechnik. The small company sold high-quality model cars built by mentally ill offenders.

The businessman roger ponton, who filed the complaint, had received 20,000 euros in compensation from the haderthauer couple for his share in the company in 2011, but feels he has been short-changed. Ponton suspects that the company’s profits were higher than the haderthauers claimed – and that’s why his severance pay was too low.

Haderthauer meanwhile rejected accusations that she was still involved in her husband’s business dealings after 2003. Two payments were actually made from the sapor business account to her personal account in 2008, haderthauer told dpa. But only because she had previously settled invoices from a public relations company in ingolstadt from her account.

According to mr. Haderthauer, the underlying invoices related to services for the company sapor modelltechnik and were also addressed to the latter. Haderthauer explained that the PR company had also provided services for her as a member of parliament at the same time. Probably for this reason, she initially paid the invoices to sapor modelltechnik from her account by mistake.

"When i later saw, while compiling my receipts, that the invoices were not addressed to me at all, but that they were invoices for services commissioned by my husband for sapor modelltechnik, i had the money refunded to me. This kind of thing happens in every handyman’s household," she said.

The "suddeutsche zeitung" (thursday) was the first to report on the payments in october 2008 totaling 5500 euros. Haderthauer has repeatedly stressed in recent days and weeks that she left her position as a shareholder in sapor in 2003.

Ponton’s lawyer, malte magold, stressed that he would exhaust all legal means for his client. Towards the end of the year, he also plans to file a civil suit, he said. His client had been "pulled over the table and exchanged on a massive scale". However, he is not yet able to quantify the amount of the claims that he wants to assert for ponton. Magold had told the "bild" newspaper that he could prove that a total of at least 130 model cars had been sold by sapor between 1990 and 2013.

SPD faction leader markus rinderspacher said: "i think the minister president must now take note of the new facts and also evaluate the haderthauer affair self-critically. The haderthauer affair is now also an affair of the prime minister himself." every day new details came to light. "And it can’t be true that mr. Seehofer continues to act according to the principle: close your eyes and get through it."Rinderspacher said he expects a resignation in the end.

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