Fine: trader embezzles motorcycle accessories

fine: trader embezzles motorcycle accessories

He ran second-hand stores and offered required educational measures in them. The business model of the commercial specialist has failed for various reasons. Now the 48-year-old has stood trial for embezzlement at the kitzingen district court – and been convicted. 90 daily sentences of 15 euros, or 1350 euros, he must pay. This made the appeal against a criminal order worthwhile. The had provided 3600 euros.

"Unsavory entry" in the federal central register

Because the failed entrepreneur currently has only 555 euros at his disposal, the court reduced the daily rate from 40 to 15 euros. The number of daily salaries remained the same at 90. "They are well served with the 90 daily rates", the court had made it clear to the man. Also with regard to an "unsavory entry" in the federal central register, which was about a coarser number of fraud traps. The "urgent recommendation", to limit the plea to the high of the daily sentence the defendant followed.

This also established the facts of the case in law. The operator of a second-hand store read in an ad that a woman from kitzingen wanted to sell motorcycle accessories. He contacted her and offered to sell the items, which had a value of around 800 euros, in his store. That was in july 2017, then in april 2018 the contact with the seller has been broken off. The man had appropriated, i.E. Embezzled, the data.

Water damage is followed by termination of the rental contract

Before the objection was limited, the defendant and his attorney tried to explain the matter. After that, the company had run into difficulties after a demand from the tax office in the five-digit range. In addition, there had been water damage in the store of the store and the cancellation of the lease. The goods were sent to a temporary storage facility.

All well and good, said the judge, but: "why didn’t you call your customers and tell them to pick up their stuff??" after all, there were 15 months between the water damage and the negotiation time. "Head in the sand is the wrong way", said the judge. All the evidence points to embezzlement, the court found, citing statistics: "over 90 percent of embezzlements happen because of sloppiness." that saw the accused then also probably one. He agreed, so did the prosecutor. The matter is thus legally valid.

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