Farmers seek dialogue

Farmers seek dialogue

Even if it was only an artificial udder, the children were enthusiastic about milking it. Others tried their hand at planting and sowing garden herbs, which they were then allowed to take home. The boys – and perhaps their father even more so – were probably more fascinated by the technology: from very old to brand new, the tractors were lined up on the exhibition grounds and gleamed in the sun for all to see.

The "family day on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the hochstadter verband fur landwirtschaftliche fachbildung (VLF) at geier's farm barn there was an experience and education day, especially for families who otherwise have little to do with agriculture. Then we went by horse-drawn carriage to the nearby forest, where a forester informed about forest management. There was also information and guided tours on pond farming and carp. "Ask the farmer was the motto of the event. And machinery ring, forest farmers association, agricultural office gladly provided information.

"The consumer should get a glimpse of the other side", said friedrich brehm, the long-time chairman of the VLF. Yes, image promotion for agriculture is one of the goals. But more important is the exchange with consumers. The aim is to bring people closer to agriculture and its situation so that they can understand it. After all, the farmers wanted to hear for themselves what concerns consumers are so concerned about. The same applies to forestry.

Tribute to friedrich brehm

Brehm, who is also chairman of the erlangen-hochstadt forest farmers' association, was awarded the golden association badge of the VLF bavaria for his activities and work in agriculture, public life and agricultural organizations and associations.

A church service with dean kilian kemmer was held to open the event. The patron, district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU), member of the state parliament walter nussel (CSU), peter probstle from the furth agricultural office and BBV district chairman robert ort addressed the situation of agriculture in their opening remarks. According to the VLF, the agricultural area in the district of erlangen-hochstadt decreased by 4161 hectares between 1980 and 2019. This would correspond to a reduction of 16.4 percent. Today, there are 163 full-time farms and 535 sideline farms in the district. In 1979, the number of full-time farmers was 825, and the number of part-time farmers was 1570.

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