Ermershausen expects mobile communications to be rolled out soon

Ermershausen will soon no longer be a blank spot on the mobile communications map. On wednesday evening, experts informed the 30 interested burgers who had come to the information event on cell phone reception in the sports center.

Telecom does it

Mayor gunter pfeiffer buried the fact that deutsche telekom has launched a program to expand mobile communications services at otherwise uneconomical locations. "In almost every third world country, network coverage is better than in germany", pfeiffer said somewhat exaggeratedly and jokingly, referring to the current situation in the village. He was particularly pleased that telekom was assuming the entire investment costs, so that the municipality would not have to contribute a single cent.

Karin ehrhardt, municipal representative for mobile communications in bavaria at telekom, explained the need for a base station. At the moment, the radio signal comes from a mast in maroldsweisach on the zeilberg, which, however, covers ermershausen more badly than well. In order to provide optimal coverage for the entire village, it is necessary to build a radio mast in the area of the sports field. According to them, a location at the end of the soccer field opposite the sports center had been considered, but this was not felt to be so favorable. Now, an agreement has been reached with the playing association of ermershausen to build a radio mast with a height of about 20 to 25 meters on the still existing playground in front of the tennis court.

The club chairman volker pfeiffer confirmed this and pointed out that the playground would be completely cleared for this purpose. After a review by an expert, the conclusion was reached anyway that the playgrounds there no longer met current safety standards and that action was therefore necessary. Since a new installation of the playground by the association alone is not to be carried out, the idea of making the place available for the mobile radio extension is the best solution.

Thomas kurz came from the bavarian state office for the environment to explain the radiation of mobile radio. A site certificate from the federal network agency is required for every base station. For this, telekom has to provide all the technical data and then commit to meeting all the specifications. Likewise, the safety distance is calculated in which no human being is allowed to stay in the long term. In most cases, this is a radius of 20 meters around the radio cells. Since these are located high up in the air, the distance of about three to four meters below the cells is not a problem, says the scientist. In general, people are much less affected by mobile radio masts than they are at home when using their own smartphones. But even there, of course, there are limits that rule out adverse health effects. "So far, there is no evidence that environmental exposure to RF fields, such as from base stations, increases the risk of cancer or other diseases", the physicist quoted the world health organization.

"If everything goes well, ermershausen may already be optimally supplied with LTE in the first quarter of 2020", the telecom employee explained, pointing out that similar projects take around one to one and a half years to complete. It is also not impossible that the other two network operators, vodafone and o2, may also install their radio cells on the same mast. According to ehrhardt, telekom was obliged to ask the competitors if they were interested.

Thanks to the spvgg

The experts then answered the questions of the citizens present, who were very sympathetic to the expansion of the network.

Mayor gunter pfeiffer expressed his gratitude to the ermershausen football club for its willingness to make the land available for the benefit of all citizens. With two other playgrounds in the village, there is still enough space for the children to play, said the head of the community with regard to the imminent removal of the playground equipment at the tennis court.

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