Do not tread on ice flats

The cold temperatures of the past few days have led to the formation of a layer of ice on some lakes in bavaria. But in many places the ice flats are not yet stable. That is the ice cover is too dark, and there is danger to life. Due to the low water temperatures, a person who has fallen into the ice loses consciousness within a short time and runs the risk of drowning. The wasserwacht-bavaria therefore warns urgently against stepping on non-bearing ice surfaces.

The volunteer water rescuers and the rapid response groups of wasserwacht bavaria are on standby around the clock for emergencies on the water and ice rescue with water rescuers and emergency divers. But the best rescue is the one that is not needed in the first place. In an emergency, call 112 for help.

Wasserwacht-bayern strongly advises you to follow these rules in case of emergency: call for help loudly; avoid getting under the ice at all costs; move as little as possible in order to lose as little body temperature as possible. Helpers should calm the person who has collapsed. Only with the help of aids such as rescue rings, ladders (sometimes available on lakes on the shore), branches, tow ropes or similar objects that are available, secure the person who has collapsed. Rescuers should only go into icy water if they are secured by a third person with a rope. Then it’s a matter of getting the casualty ashore, positioning him in a stable lateral position and protecting him from the cold until the rescue service arrives.

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