Deutsche post presents new e-post at cebit

Deutsche post presents new e-post at cebit

At this year's cebit, deutsche post is launching new products and solutions for private users and companies in the world of e-post. In addition to the secure sending and receiving of documents (e-postbrief), e-post now also offers the capture of paper-based information (e-postscan travel), secure payment processes (e-post payment) and intelligent filing and archiving options (e-postsafe). E-post thus becomes a fully digital office that makes digital life easier for private users and connects business customers directly with partners and customers. Companies benefit from lower material and process costs and secure communication processes.

"With E-post, we have created a platform of networked solutions that is geared to the needs of private and business customers: saving costs and speeding up processes as well as the use of sensitive and important data easier, more convenient and more secure", according to ralph wiegand, CEO e-postbrief at deutsche post.

E-mail for private customers
In addition to its e-postbrief, e-postident and e-payment products, deutsche post will be presenting three new applications for private customers at cebit:
e-postscan travel is the digital forwarding service for customers on the move. In her absence, the service digitizes the customer's incoming letters and postcards and then sends the scans to the customer's e-mail box. Users will be able to conveniently access their private mail while on vacation or on a business trip.

E-postsafe is an integrated online repository that simplifies the filing and secure archiving of important documents. It's easy to file a document attachment to an e-letter and save it securely online for later delivery. E-postsafe gives users access to their important data anytime, anywhere in the world.

In a first step, the new E-post app will allow users to receive and, in the future, send E-post letters and digitized physical mail via ios-based mobile devices. From summer 2013, it will also be possible to scan and file receipts and conveniently pay invoices. In the future, the e-post app will also allow access to the e-postsafe, making it possible to use the digital office on the move. Ralph wiegand: "e-post with its new applications offers practical solutions for everyone to process and manage all their communications securely and easily online while on the move."

E-mail for business customers
Deutsche post is also introducing a range of new services for companies:
E-postbusiness connect is a technical interface that allows companies to send e-post letters from their familiar software environment. Integrating electronic correspondence into the company's business software eliminates media breaks and manual sources of error. An example: apotheken dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbh (ADG) integrates the e-postbrief directly into its merchandise management systems. A pharmacy employee can generate mailings in the system at the click of a mouse and have them delivered automatically via e-post – either electronically or by physically delivering the mailings.

Small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to use the e-postbrief via the e-postbusiness box in the future. It's a low-cost "plug-and-play" solution, which makes it possible to send individual or serial letters as well as bulk mailings simply and securely as an e-postbrief without any major implementation effort.

E-post also stands for individual, secure communication solutions. The e-postbrief for professional secrets is an example of this. In germany, certain professions such as doctors, lawyers and public officials are legally bound by special requirements for handling personal data. Thanks to secure and complete end-to-end sealing, these professional groups can now also use the extended e-postal letter for correspondence with patients and clients. The federal commissioner for data protection and freedom of information, peter schaar, also sees this as a decisive step for the legally secure dispatch of sensitive data.

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