expansion of the kindergarten in bad bruckenau progresses well

The extension is finished, now it's time to continue with the interior work. In addition to a large kitchen and dining room on the first floor, there will soon be enough space for the smallest children in the basement. The sanitary facilities, i.E. The toilets and washbasins, will be adapted to the needs of the under-threes. "We're really looking forward to it, because everything will soon be more accessible for the little ones – and it's also a relief for the staff," says furst, says alexandra furst, head of the language kindergarten stadtmitte.

25 daycare places will be available in the future. "This is an expansion of about 15 toddlers", says the kindergarten director. Where there was previously only one dormitory, there will in future be two basement rooms available for naps. The toddler area will be adapted to the high technology and the former tea kitchen has been removed. "We don't need that for the little ones, but another room can be designed for the children", points out furst. In addition to the toddler group, there will also be a regular group in the basement in the future.

Hochstadt schoolchildren dance at graduation

They came in cocktail and ball gowns. The boys were mostly dressed in fine clothes. Certainly an unusual outfit for the students of the hochstadter middle school. They crowned their graduation with a ball in the aischtalhalle.

For this, the young people had not only really dressed up, but had even taken dance lessons for a week. The atmosphere in front of and inside the aischtalhalle was somehow tingling. Excited youngsters with bunches of flowers, proud parents, siblings and teachers.

montessori school run raises almost 9,000 euros

Once again this school year, the nearly 300 students of the private montessori elementary school in forchheim ran for a charity of their own choosing. The children and young people run as many laps as they can on the sports island for around two hours – a total of 2570 laps.
For every lap run, parents and other relatives donate a certain amount, which is agreed upon beforehand. The charity run, the so-called "lebenslauf, raised this year a total donation of 8715,10 euro.
The elementary and secondary school students had done their own research to find out which aid organizations they would like to support. They chose the two organizations "amnesty international" as recipients and "parents for children sri lanka from.
Nils reiche took the floor for the association "parents for children sri lanka" with seat in berlin the check in height of 4357,55 euro in reception. The money will be used for the mother teresa children's home in the capital city of colombo. "Above all, new beds are needed and medicines", explains nils reiche.
Barbara hubert received the second amnesty international grant. This international organization with more than seven million members is committed to the protection of human rights. 

The eichsberg shook

Accompanied by groovy rhythms and a small, funny carnival float, the train, which was already a sight to behold, set off at noon from the kindergarten st. Joseph on the move. All of the kindergarten children were represented – from the three-year-olds from "bergwichtel-nursery to the coarse from the "mouse hole" or from the "caterpillar" room, who are starting school this year. They all proudly presented their imaginative costume creations and made the mountain shake once again for the final spurt of this year's carnival season.

Party mile wilhelmsthal

The happy community stopped at various stations to enjoy the guests on the roadside with small show acts and dancing. Together became "we ride the bob", the "hokey pokey" and the pirate dance and "helicopter 117" danced that it was a true joy. Participants as well as zaungaste had their bright joy at the carnival spectacle, in which one spabrakete after the other zundete. Polonaises were formed and one or two pranks were played. Again and again, the young and the girls, as well as this year as "sube fruchtchen" the kiga-team appeared with the carnival call "kindergarten helau" intoned. Every pit was immediately followed by the reaction of the spectators – pure atmosphere!

Kindergarten planning starts from scratch

Fiber optic connections, war memorial, kindergarten and the installation of a new seating area at the lake were the items on the agenda at the town council meeting in stettfeld on wednesday evening.

Mayor alfons hartlieb (CSU) announced that the plans for the renovation and modernization of the kindergarten had been scrapped. After a change of architect, the costs exploded, but the subsidies remained the same, which is not affordable for the community and the kindergarten association.

No hard stuff at the school party

A visit from the police for disturbing the peace, underage boys who drink themselves into a stupor, or a party – these are three cliches that high school graduates johannes hahn and sarah schulz want to dispel. At their fourth high school graduation party at the rabatz youth center in herzogenaurach today, saturday, "youth protection will be observed", the two assure.

This year’s graduating class of the herzogenaurach gymnasium has been organizing school parties since the beginning of the upper school last year in order to finance the graduation ball. "We’ve hosted a number of parties, not just at the rabatz, but at other venues as well", tells the 19-year-old organizer johannes. But legally, they are completely independent of the school, just like the graduation ball after the exams.
"We are organizing everything ourselves and the youth center has always given us a lot of support", the schoolchildren. For example, the youth center is made available to them free of charge and the winnings are shared in the end.

Six choruses bring summer to life

"We sing the sunshine away", michael dieckmann, the chairman of the "liederkranz" announced memmelsdorf as an unofficial motto. Officially, the summer festival of the singing club in the untermerzbach part of the community did not have a motto, but because of all the anxious glances towards the sky, such an optimistic approach could not hurt.

Peter was indeed kind to the musicians that day. He apparently honored the services of the sangers. In the courtyard of the old school in memmelsdorf, many happy faces could be seen. "When I look at all the beaming faces in this beautiful setting, I see that all the choirs enjoy singing", concluded mayor helmut dietz (SPD), and the audience also enjoyed the performances.

Erh relies on bicycle traffic

Following the successful expansion of the opnv, bicycle traffic in the district is now to be optimized: in order to promote climate-friendly mobility in erlangen-hochstadt and encourage more citizens to take their bikes, the district is having a bicycle traffic concept drawn up. According to a press release from the district administration, the goal is to create a network of bike paths that covers the entire area and can be used primarily for trips to school, work or shopping. In addition, the need for better signage on bike paths and additional bicycle parking spaces will be determined. "With the bicycle traffic concept, we want to expand the environmental network in the district by an important component in addition to the opnv", district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) is pleased.

Planned to join the AGFK

The tender was won by the planning office topplan from wald im ostallgau. The planners are well acquainted with the region: they have already drawn up the cycle path concept for the district of neustadt/aisch-bad windsheim and the LAG aischgrund. Managing director andreas ampbler and project manager eva mast discussed the planned concept with the district administrator, regional manager matthias nicolai and the civil engineering and traffic safety departments at the erlangen district office. This is required by the bavarian ministry of economic affairs, regional development and energy as part of regional management and is to be completed by 2021. This is "an important step in the direction of sustainable mobility and for the applied membership of the county in the working group bicycle-friendly communities in bavaria (AGFK)", emphasizes regional manager matthias nicolai, who is accompanying the process together with climate protection officer Simon Rebitzer.

Aiwanger deplores 'alienation from agriculture' in Schirradorf

All the speakers at the schirradorf farmers’ day made a clear commitment to farming – above all hubert aiwanger, bavarian minister of economic affairs and deputy minister president. "We do not need to hide and we do not need to be lectured", said aiwanger in the rough hall of the agricultural engineering company nicklas. The farmers are the guarantors that this land will be nourished and that it will be maintained as it is. But the farmers also wanted this achievement to be honestly recognized.

Agriculture in the spotlight

Of course, the minister of economics also knew that the agricultural sector is currently being pilloried as never before. Aiwanger defended the fact that the state government had accepted the petition for a referendum and now wanted to provide for resolutions with a companion law. "If we had not done this, the request would have been implemented one-to-one in a referendum in the fall." this was prevented.

The municipality of steinbach am wald has been very cautious with this award in the past, to emphasize its high value accordingly. "It is therefore a special honor for me to be able to present you today with the certificate and the golden medal of the municipality of steinbach am wald in the presence of your family, the chairmen of the parliamentary group and our honorary citizens joachim wiegand and konrad wiegand" said loffler delightedly.

In almost forty years of political activity, gerhard neubauer has been particularly committed to the interests of his community and the community at large. Loffler praised the efforts of his predecessor in the office of mayor, who had always sought fairness and compromise even in political disputes. And it was thanks to neubauer’s farsightedness that he sought cooperation with tettau in the school sector at an early stage. In addition to the general renovation, this cooperation paved the way for the current middle school in windheim. "For your commitment to the well-being of our home community of steinbach am wald, we would like to thank you and also include your wife ida and your children, who had to share you with us for many years", the mayor concluded his laudation.