Coburg thinkers - here writes the president of the regional court

What is right and what is justice? Do the two coincide or do they even contradict each other?? What do the citizens expect from the decisions of judges?? Can you expect just decisions from them??

The problem already starts with what we define as justice. Since the ancient philosophers, justice has been understood as a human virtue, as a measure of individual human action. This alone makes it clear that this measure is very subjective and associated with a large number of evaluations. What one person considers just, another may consider grossly unjust.

The currently world-grown container ship has moored in bremerhaven for the first time on its maiden voyage from asia. Bremen’s new port senator claudia schilling (SPD) was pleased with the arrival.

"We can handle the roughest ships here," she said on monday. Onlookers were able to watch the 400-meter-long and 61.5-meter-wide giant approach from the beach of the aubenweser river. Then tugs turned the fully stacked ship before it slid against the quay wall in a northern german rainstorm.

calm and businesslike: fortuna manager werner

When he took over as sports director at the then regional league club fortuna dusseldorf in april 2007, he had a vision: "the club belongs back in the bundesliga." there the german champion of 1933 has arrived again. What gave werner not only great pleasure, but also a lot of work. He had the difficult task of putting together a team that was up to the challenge. Good value, hungry for success, ambitious.

Werner and head coach norbert meier paid close attention to the rejuvenation of the squad to ensure that the new fortunes bring a high level of commitment and willingness to run. The leadership duo wanted to create a sense of we, wanted to convince the fans of the returnee with malocher mentality of the professionals that it is worthwhile to stand loyal to fortuna.

Vhs 2018: moving moments and a record number of spectators

Bernhard panzer the city adult education center (VHS) also had highly interesting offerings in its program last year, but they were accepted in completely different ways. This is the result of the annual report that VHS director oliver kundler and his deputy fabienne geibdorfer jungst gave to the cultural committee.

For example, in february, professor weller spoke to an audience of 15 on the topic of peace and conflict, while a month later, professor paech gave a lecture on "economics without growth the clubhouse was attended by 250 people, which according to kundler was a record number and even better than the previous year’s attendance. Two further examples of the major differences in response: in april, the lecture on poverty among women attracted an audience of just 18, while the film lecture at the cultural festival in september attracted an audience of 60 and became a highlight of the event – despite the fact that there was a plethora of competing events on offer during those days.

gebruder waasner honors long-serving employees

In a ceremony, the company gebruder waasner honored numerous employees for their many years of loyalty to the company.

A proud number of 16 employees can look back on 30, 40 and 45 years of service and were honored for it. In a ceremonial address, the managing director michael waasner thanked the jubilarians for their many years of dedication and commitment to the company.

campaigns pro and contra burgerhaus

After the city again argues extensively in its city paper for the conversion of the former department store into a burgerhaus, the burgerinitiative now also starts its information campaign. They use the internet as a platform.

The burger initiative against the burgerhaus has set up a facebook page and its own internet site. Under buergerhaus-hammelburg.She explains her reasons for the citizens’ petition against the remodeling plans for the department store.

Fraud investigation against haderthauer may begin

The investigators now have a clear path to comprehensively examine the allegations of fraud against one of the closest confidants of prime minister horst seehofer. The spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office, ken heidenreich, did not say whether or when the investigation will be formally opened. Seehofer had recently given his full backing to haderthauer on two occasions.

The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed by a former co-partner of the haderthauer couple at the company sapor modelltechnik. The small company sold high-quality model cars built by mentally ill offenders.

Bolt wants gold - and to make history

Never before has a sprinter won the olympic 100- and 200-meter sprint titles twice in a row. The world record holder can be the first, and he knows it too. Bolt wants gold!

"This will be the moment, and this will be the year, that i leave the rest of the world behind," the superstar toned in an interview with british daily "the guardian" (wednesday). Verbally, the olympic champion, world champion and world record holder is already in top form. "A lot of legends and a lot of people have come before me. But this is my time now," the 25-year-old said.

Prisoner mutiny in the jva ebrach: five prisoners on trial

They are alleged to be responsible for the prisoner mutiny that took place in the prison in ebrach in may of last year: five defendants aged between 20 and 23 will have to answer for this on monday in the court of lay assessors of the bamberg district court. Four of them have now been sentenced to prison, one to a fine.

At that time, several prisoners had rioted in a cell of the juvenile detention center and set fire to it shortly before lockdown at around 9 p.M. Cups and jam jars had also been thrown in the direction of law enforcement officers. But no one was injured.