European cultural heritage: discovering what connects us

European cultural heritage sites are milestones in the development of modern europe. Therefore, the traveling exhibition with the title "european cultural heritage: discovering what connects us" is a great success, which presents the sites that have been honored so far on 38 display panels in the bamberg concert and congress hall, also an important program item as part of the international week in the bamberg district.

Under the title "cisterscapes – cistercian landscapes connecting europe" the district of bamberg applies with the monastery landscape ebrach/steigerwald and with 15 other partners in germany, but also in france, austria, poland, slovenia and czech republic for the nomination 2023.

It goes auarts with the community egloffstein – especially in terms of growth. For the next few years, an increase in population of almost seven percent is forecast, which is why the current daycare center will soon be bursting at the seams and an extension will have to be planned.

The design was the focus of the june meeting of the market town council and was the subject of controversial discussion, which was also the purpose of the first planning proposal presented to the council by architect ulrich manz from bamberg.

With aqua-jogging and cross-country skiing

Kevin, daniel and marcel can already feel the sweat on their foreheads after just a few minutes. And that in the water – a completely new feeling. To the animating sounds of cool and the gangs "fresh the trio is agonizing together with 21 other "suffering comrades aqua-jogging in the kronach indoor swimming pool. This training session, which is so unusual for soccer players, lasts exactly three quarters of an hour. 45 minutes that have it all.

The spab factor in aqua-jogging is pretty high, provided you don't care how you look and really step on it. And the friesian footballers had "absolutely done that" – as marika siebelt praises. "After the hour, I felt exhausted but still good. And i didn't have sore muscles the next day either", says captain lars meyer. He and his teammates are currently experiencing a "somewhat different preparation", as goaljager aleksander hurec calls it.

Twelve caterpillars paralyze elevator at train station

Federal police, state police and fire department had to rescue the group from their predicament.

On the platform, the twelve men are said to have entered the elevator already honking their horns. Even during the ride, the group is said to have kept on honking, which was too much for the elevator to handle. He got stuck in the pedestrian underpass about one meter before reaching the final position. The elevator is designed to carry 14 people, but it broke down on the twelve men from the district of main-spessart in lower franconia who were honking their horns.

Sea rescue off libya: captains in legal gray zone

According to the opinion of the scientific service of the federal parliament, no fine should be imposed on captains of german ships if they do not bring back shipwrecked migrants to libya against the orders of the libyan coast guard.

Those who refuse to bring rescued people from the mediterranean to libya because of human rights concerns should not be prosecuted for it.

Mateschitz pissed off: 'nothing to do with racing anymore'

"This no longer has anything to do with racing, this has become a competition in tire management," the austrian billionaire told the "salzburger nachrichten". "Car racing looks different. Under these circumstances we can no longer use the potential of our car and our drivers."

Because the pirelli tires on their red bulls degraded very badly at the fifth round of the formula 1 world championship on sunday, sebastian vettel (heppenheim) and mark webber had to make four pit stops instead of the originally planned three. Moreover, they could hardly attack. Three-time champion vettel therefore only finished fourth at the circuit de catalunya near barcelona in the overwhelming victory of spanish ferrari rival fernando alonso. The australian webber finished fifth.

Murder with rat poison: defendant gives strange explanation in court

He allegedly assassinated his girlfriend and his parents with rat poison to solve his financial problems with the inheritance. The three victims survived despite severe poisoning. At the beginning of the trial before the district court in ingolstadt on thursday, the 53-year-old vehemently denied being a poisoner. The farmer instead accused his sister of being the culprit. In addition, he presented the judges with an unusual story, some of which was difficult to follow.

Poison allegedly thrown away immediately after receipt

he claims to have ordered the extra rat poison from china only to see if the drug would pass customs. Immediately after receiving the package I threw the poison into the garbage can. "Any person could have taken it out of the barrel", the accused said in a statement. He could not help but suspect his sister, who was three years old. For them, the death of the parents was "even more profitable" had been.

Spielleiter: jesus of oberammergau could be a muslim

The director of the oberammergau passion plays, christian stuckl, can imagine a muslim in the role of jesus. Stuckl told the german press agency that he considered such a cast theoretically possible.

The play of the suffering, death and resurrection of christ is performed every ten years. Preparations are currently underway for the premiere on 16 june. May 2020. Who jesus, judas and maria will become is still a mystery.

Solar park will be extended after all

The regensburg-based photovoltaics company bos.Ten is now allowed to build its solar park in the development plan area "west of KG 8" expand within the boundaries of the existing facility with additional modules. By eight votes to five, the municipal council overturned its decision of 10. April to. However, it remains that the company is not allowed to build another flat above.
Mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) informed that the company had offered to pay the additional rent of 2170 euro per year in a one-time amount of 40000 euro immediately, it will take care of the payment of the business tax and the compensation area necessary for the expansion could become a meadow with fruit trees for the general public. Zehner emphasized that only the existing solar park is to be expanded. The middle aisles and a flat one at the northern edge, which have not been used so far, will be covered with solar panels.
Councillor wolfgang roder wondered: "what makes you think that no business tax has been paid yet??" he wanted to know if each investor would have to pay trade tax individually. Then it will be difficult to collect it. "2170 euro rent per year is not to be scoffed at", said sybille buttner (rannunger burgerliste) "we forgive ourselves nothing, the flat remains the same, we can use the income well."

No one-time payment

Rudolf Berninger (CSU) said "the flat is gone anyway". However, he was critical of a possible one-time payment of the lease. Second mayor werner keller also said "we don't really need the 40,000 euros right now." mayor ten loves extra vote: no council member voted for one-time payment. So the annual lease payment will be maintained.
The neighborhood manager for the municipality will start her service on 1. June, announced zehner. Her name is nathalie langer and she comes from poppenhausen. She has her office in the middle of the village in the former milk collection point, which is now empty. The council authorized zehner to buy furniture for the equipment of their office in the total price of about 2000 euros "it is a matter of goods with slight traces of use, but the quality is completely in order", it says in the meeting draft. It is possible that the equipment can be purchased cheaper, the mayor said. The project will initially run for four years.
A loan of 124,000 euros, which the municipality had taken out in 2003 with the munchener hypothekenbank, has been repaid to 34,100 euros. The fixed interest rate (4.27 percent fixed) expires at the end of the year. May off. Mayor zehner suggested that this loan should now be paid off in full with a one-off payment. A corresponding special repayment is to be included in the 2018 budget. Almost unanimously, the municipal council agreed to it.
The council decided to pay for the event "wunderbar wanderbar" the costs for flower decorations, tent as well as seating, which are not taken over by the intermunicipal alliance schweinfurter oberland and the participating associations, to take over up to a height of approximately 500 euro. Before this decision was made by eleven votes to two, however, there was a little discussion. 

Part of berlin's original wall found: fragments of the barrier are still coming to light almost three decades after the fall of the berlin wall. A hobby historian has now announced the discovery of what is believed to be a previously unknown section from the earliest days of the barrier: the 80-meter-long section of wall in a forest stump in pankow is the last existing piece of the original wall, local historian christian bormann told the german press agency.

The 37-year-old discovered the wall, according to his own statements, 18 years ago. He had reported the finding to the authorities only this week, because he was worried about weather damage had made. The berliner zeitung had first reported on it.