Musical dream journey with the singers

The sangervereinigung bad rodach took its audience to the land of dreams last saturday at the very well attended musical evening in the festival hall in the haus des gastes. This time, songs from the two enchanting musicals "the wizard of oz" were performed and "mary poppins on the program.
The two soloists julia lucas (soprano) and martin siegel (tenor) were able to show all their skills and were accompanied by annerose roder on the piano in a sovereign and sensitive way. Julia lucas not only shone in her vocal passages, but as conductor she was also responsible for the overall direction of the evening.

The audience learned something

but it was not enough just to listen to the songs from the musicals, the audience also got to know the content of the two stories. The performer was rainer lucas, who with his sonorous bass voice was an asset to this performance. The listeners were able to follow the story and were drawn into the spell of the stories, which made the evening very special.
In the first part songs from the musical "the wizard of oz" were heard, whose content is based on the children's book written by the american author lyman frank baum in 1900 and which became world famous in 1939 as a musical film starring judy garland. The most famous song from this musical is certainly "somewhere over the rainbow". It was interpreted by julia lucas in a german version as well as in the english original version sovereign and impressively and formed a high point of the evening.
Martin siegel could then with the two songs "war' ich der konig des waldes" (I was the king of the forest) and the "song of the magician" please the audience. The choir was in no way inferior to these solo parts. With great passion they sang the songs "wir ziehen heut zum zaub'rer", "jitterbug" and "voices of hope and impressed especially by a very good articulation.
The second part of the evening was dedicated to the musical "mary poppins" dedicated. The film of the same name, starring julie andrews as mary and dick van dyke as bert, won five oscars in 1965.
Here, too, the choir enthused with popular songs such as "supercalifragilistic", "a spoonful of sugar" and "chim chiminee and in unison with julia lucas during the song "the birdwoman. At the duet "such a beautiful day" julia lucas and martin siegel were then able to put all their skills on the line once again before the chorus started with "anything we want can happen" ended the evening. For this bravourose performance there was rough, enthusiastic applause, so that the actors couldn't avoid an encore. The chairman of the singing association, werner zoufal, thanked the participants and presented them with small gifts.

Israel declares grass an undesirable person

Criticism of the 84-year-old for his poem also continues in germany. In an article for the newspaper "bild am sonntag," auben minister guido westerwelle wrote: "to put israel and iran on the same moral level is not witty, but absurd."

Grass had denounced in his poem "what must be said", published on wednesday, that iran was threatened by a pre-emptive nuclear strike by israel that could wipe out the iranian people. He accused israel of endangering world peace as a nuclear power. The poem had earned him accusations of anti-semitism at home and abroad. Grass had defended himself and accused his critics of hatred and a campaign against him.

Kulmbach winter service ready for action in twenty minutes

"It will take a little longer." the head of the untersteinach road maintenance department did not want to give a more concrete forecast for the first snowfall. With temperatures reaching the 20-degree mark at the end of october, werner meingast's restraint is also understandable. Apart from that: the salt depots have been filled for a long time, the plows are overhauled and ready for use, the winter road clearance service could start within twenty minutes.

This is exactly how long it normally takes for a normal truck to become a winter service vehicle. The assembly of room signs, road salt containers and computer technology for the operators has long since become second nature to the men of the untersteinach road maintenance department. Instead, they are currently still on the road with mowers and other implements to keep the roads and the adjacent banks in order.

20-year-old tried to get a loan from the bank

His dream of self-employment as a business consultant turned a 20-year-old employee from bamberg into a fraudster. In order to obtain a loan of 27,500 euros from a bank, he scanned his father’s salary statement into his computer. With the help of an image editing program, he replaced his father’s name with his own name and presented the forged document to the bank. But the bank employee in charge quickly saw through the swindle and filed a complaint for attempted fraud.

Instead of sitting in the boss’s chair in his own office, the 20-year-old had to sit in the dock at the district court in habfurt on monday, where the juvenile court sentenced him to a community service fine of 2,000 euros. The defendant, who has no previous convictions, admitted the accusation through his lawyer thomas monius.

She is all ears

Heidrun fischer hort more than others. Not only because she has been training listening for years, but because she has a third ear, an "electronic ear". It consists of cables, a screen, a music system and a kind of mixing console.

Here heidrun fischer produces music and voice programs; experiments with frequencies, mixes them in or filters them out – depending on what is healing for her clients.
"Tomatis" the method is called; named after the french doctor alfred tomatis. He died in 2001 – and it is only today that the technical possibilities exist to realize what he had researched in the 1950s, heidrun fischer tells us. "Many thought he was a crackpot."
But now that researchers have discovered the plasticity of the brain, we can understand what the french doctor already knew 60 years ago: the pathways and hormone patterns in the brain can be altered by a different acoustic stimulus.

The trees in the courtyard of the luitpoldbad were felled

They work their way along the trunk from the bottom to the top and then from the top to the bottom, the shrill chain saw in their hands. On behalf of the state building authority, employees of the company thomas from nudlingen cut down the two trees in the courtyard of the luitpold baths.

"Thuja plicata" the expert calls the two trees. In german: riesenlebensbaum. On wednesday they breathed their last. Apparently after a long illness.

body of frankfurt 'bierkonig' exhumed

A police spokeswoman confirmed on saturday a report of the "bild" newspaper. Schubert died in october 2010 at the age of 90. The public prosecutor’s office later opened an investigation into his death. According to "bild" there is the suspicion that schubert was intentionally not properly cared for and then died of thirst. There is a bitter dispute about the inheritance.

Opposing each other are: meharit schubert, widow of the former owner of the henninger brewery, and an environmental foundation founded by schubert. Last year, the frankfurt district court declared the widow the sole heir. She had filed a lawsuit against the environmental foundation set up by her husband, who was 64 years old. The foundation was originally set up as an heir – years before schubert married his second wife. The foundation did not give up and lodged an appeal.

The coburg city council is always good for surprises – even unpleasant ones. Resolutions that were passed with a large majority after long and mature discussion are often suddenly called into question in a fundamental way. The most recent example: the emergency motion by an interesting coalition (see page 9) to forego the construction of an interim playhouse for the period of the general renovation of the state theater, which was decided in december.

"Alternative match stadiums?"

The losers are alleged cost overruns in the attempt to sign a contract with a general contractor for the construction of the interim stadium. So far, so understandable. But the proposal becomes adventurous with the suggestion that the landestheater should try "alternative venues and locations" to use.
However, the fact that exactly this cannot work was discussed and made clear at the city council meeting last december.

Two owls and a mouse

Happy singing and laughing children came to the reading hour with owl stories in the catholic public library aschach. First, the children were asked to choose one of the two proposed stories, but they wanted to hear both of them! In the first story titled "where is the pizza hedgehog? (by marliese arold) the owl orders a pizza from the hedgehog. But the delivery service doesn’t work out at all: the tortoise is too slow, the rabbit is tricked by the fox, the magpie grabs the pizza himself and the mouse is afraid of the owl. So the hedgehog has to deliver the pizza himself – but that doesn’t work either. Without further ado, the hedgehog invites the impatient owl to his pizza tasting party. This is how the owl gets a delicious pizza after all.

The second story was about the mice (two owls and the clever fat mouse by udo weigelt), who are terrified of the two barn owls tina and hugo.

The cold temperatures of the past few days have led to the formation of a layer of ice on some lakes in bavaria. But in many places the ice flats are not yet stable. That is the ice cover is too dark, and there is danger to life. Due to the low water temperatures, a person who has fallen into the ice loses consciousness within a short time and runs the risk of drowning. The wasserwacht-bavaria therefore warns urgently against stepping on non-bearing ice surfaces.

The volunteer water rescuers and the rapid response groups of wasserwacht bavaria are on standby around the clock for emergencies on the water and ice rescue with water rescuers and emergency divers. But the best rescue is the one that is not needed in the first place. In an emergency, call 112 for help.