Neudrossenfeld well on it and proud of the series

This is unusual, the glorious exception: since the beginning of the 2013/14 season, TSV neudrossenfeld in the fubball-landesliga nordost has made a proud series – 21 league games without defeat. This is even bavaria record in the five state leagues. A great performance of the table leader. Are there any reasons for this? How to deal with success in neudrossenfeld? We talked about this with coach joachim riedel and manager gerald weinrich, whom we met at training.

Did you expect such a success, such a constant performance of your team? ?
Riedel: you can not before. But we have strengthened ourselves in certain areas – for example, the return of philipp lammert has made a great impact. Guarantor of success is our strong defense, it is one of the best in the league.
Weinrich: our strengths lie in the defense, that was known before the season. The change of coach at the end of august (co-coach joachim riedel has taken over for peter schmidt, who has been transferred to upper bavaria on business; anm. D. Red.) has had no influence whatsoever, which is the real peculiarity. As always in sports, such a series also requires a portion of luck. The luck of the deceiver.

The fubganger bridges are as old as the construction area: namely around 30 years in the meantime. However, because the wooden construction had deteriorated massively over time, and some of the crossings over the lohhofgraben were literally rotting away, the city council decided months ago to create a replacement. Now it is being implemented.
And that's not all: instead of wood, a material is used that apparently has many advantages, but is probably not yet used so frequently. It's all about plastic reinforced with fiberglass. A specialist company is currently working to build the four bridge structures over the lohhofgraben in the rough residential area behind the vocational school.

Construction time: only four weeks

as arne bottger from the company BGL consult from zellingen near wurzburg explained, plastic has many advantages over conventional materials, especially wood. The material itself is about as light as aluminum, but as strong as steel. Furthermore, it could be worked on well and the work does not take very long.
This in turn impressed gerhard merkel, head of the building authority. The overpasses will be placed on new screw foundations. These are also very light and, as bottger explained, could theoretically be transported by hand. Little space is needed, everything can be delivered with smaller vehicles, and construction does not require heavy equipment or a lot of time. The bridges will be ready in just four weeks, emphasized second mayor renate schroff (SPD), who inspected the construction work on site on friday. Normally, merkel explained, such an activity can take up to five months to complete.
Admittedly, it is only footbridges that have to be built there. But they still have to have a certain load-bearing capacity. Let the building yard drive over it, for example for winter road maintenance. But otherwise cars had no business there, as merkel emphasized. The crossings are for cyclists and pedestrians only.
According to bottger, the material has been around for about four decades. He was mainly involved in the construction of railroad lines. His company specializes in the material and, with ten employees, is already the market leader in germany, he said.
The work is scheduled to be completed by 17. November will be finished. The cost is 450,000 euros. According to schroff, the material has a lifespan of at least 50 years. When asked about this, bottger confirmed: "of course: they can do it."

pope calls for end to arms deliveries to syria

Instead of weapons, the country needs creativity and ideas for peace," the head of the catholic church said on friday at the start of his three-day trip to the crisis region.

The pope thus underscored his message of peace. First stop on his visit is the pilgrimage site of harissa, about 30 kilometers northeast of the capital beirut. In the evening, benedict solemnly signed the middle east document on the difficult situation of the christians in the region and the desired closer cooperation between the religions. The final document of the middle east synod of bishops two years ago is the official reason for the trip.

Rudiger baumann celebrates a round birthday: the role(s) of his life

What hasn’t this man played: policeman, student, photographer, theater owner, workshop leader, cultural award winner, author?. Although: he did not play all that. He was. It is him. He is also an actor and a singer. And as such has slipped into many other roles: crook and king, fool and wise man, clown or tragic hero.

Rudiger baumann just. Who celebrated his 60th birthday on the second day of christmas. The baumann studio is celebrating its fifth birthday and therefore looks back on the time between 1978 and 1981 as a young police officer on standby, on the rather half-hearted attempt to study electrical engineering, on the training as a photographer and the momentous decision to open his own photo studio in kulmbach in 1991. At first he worked there with a partner, later he worked alone. In 1998 he moved with his family to kulmbach (another anniversary), where he bought a former inn in ziegelhutten in 2000 and converted it into a photo studio.

From the inner german border remains a tower

Today, it takes barely a quarter of an hour to drive from coburg via the autobahn to the gas station outside eisfeld. A few minutes later the thuringian town is reached. This was not always the case. The gas station used to be a crossing point for "small border traffic" between the federal republic and the GDR. This period is commemorated by a memorial in a still preserved watchtower, which is to be upgraded in a cross-country campaign.

"In the 80's i was stopped here once for over five hours, they dismantled my whole car", coburg businessman horst weingarth recalls. After the turnaround, he bought the land of the crossing point to build a gas station on the busy federal highway 4. Of all the buildings, only the watchtower remains standing. Weingarth donated it to the town of eisfeld so that it could be preserved as a memorial and a museum.

County wants to score points with monastery landscape

The steigerwald is to become a world heritage site. This is what bamberger landrat johann kalb (CSU) has set out to do in order to pacify the dispute over a national park for the steigerwald forest, which has been smoldering for more than a decade and is in some cases burning like a torch. In doing so, he is also following a resolution passed by the district council in december 2010 under kalb’s predecessor, national park advocate gunther denzler (CSU). However not completely to the letter. For at that time, the committee decided with 48:3 votes to explore and develop the buchenwalder of the northern steigerwald the prerequisites for an application to become a unesco world natural heritage site.

At present, the aim is to strive for a european cultural seal (EKS) for the area around ebrach in association with other cistercian monastery landscapes. This could be the case in 2023 at the earliest and should be seen as the first step on the way to a unesco world heritage title, as the project manager in the district office, art historian birgit kastner, explained on monday in the district committee. The committee had to decide on the continuation of the project, which was launched in 2017, in the years 2019 to 2021.

chaos in bulgaria even after resignation of the government

Nevertheless, thousands again took to the streets in the evening to protest against high electricity prices and foreign monopolies. "I will not take part in a government if the police have to fight with the people," said borissow.

The activists also protested at the parliament, where several hundred of borisov’s supporters expressed their support for his GERB (citizens for european development of bulgaria) party. A strong police force prevented clashes between the two camps. Protests also took place in the black sea cities of warna and burgas, in blagoevgrad and in wraza.