Sud Korea reports renewed rise in infections

The number of reported new coronavirus infections in sud korea has risen again significantly to more than 100. On friday, 146 traps had been detected, the health authorities announced.

The previous day there had been 91. So far, 9478 people have tested positive for the sars cov-2 pathogen in the country. The number of deaths linked to the virus climbed by five to 144.

They are quite easy to recognize. When the observer stands in front of a garden fence and looks in the direction of the house. In between, where one reckons with green, brown and colorful is almost everything: gray. At this moment the observer knows that he is facing a gravel garden and thus not only for nature conservationists home-made problems. The sealed, dark soil heats up, does not drain water, even accumulates it. For insects, birds and other garden inhabitants it is dead land.

Stone garden is not a gravel garden

So many arguments speak against the gravel garden, which cannot be compared with a traditional stone, gravel or, for example, japanese "zen garden" may be confused. There are cultivated ecologically valuable plants on barren soil. What is the advantage of the extreme – but the freedom of design in the garden?? Does this freedom exist at all?

Flu epidemic in kulmbach: a small spike with a big impact

An influenza outbreak like the one last winter, when staff at the kulmbach hospital also ran short after numerous illnesses, is not to happen again this year. Up to 60 employees from the nursing sector and numerous doctors were suffering from the flu at the same time and were therefore absent from work.

For this reason, the hospital has decided for the first time to offer its employees a free vaccination that can be administered during working hours. Because this offer is unique so far and could perhaps also develop a signal effect, the health department of kulmbach has also joined in. The state agency is campaigning to increase the vaccination rate not only among health care workers.

Ermershausen will soon no longer be a blank spot on the mobile communications map. On wednesday evening, experts informed the 30 interested burgers who had come to the information event on cell phone reception in the sports center.

Telecom does it

Mayor gunter pfeiffer buried the fact that deutsche telekom has launched a program to expand mobile communications services at otherwise uneconomical locations. "In almost every third world country, network coverage is better than in germany", pfeiffer said somewhat exaggeratedly and jokingly, referring to the current situation in the village. He was particularly pleased that telekom was assuming the entire investment costs, so that the municipality would not have to contribute a single cent.

criticism after bike crashes - buchmann and schachmann injured

Shock for tour de france hopeful emanuel buchmann, trepidation about maximilian schachmann's start: the german cycling team bora-hansgrohe is experiencing ups and downs of emotions just two weeks before the tour of france with painful crashes of its top riders and a surprise win.

The 27-year-old buchmann pulled himself out on a descent at the 72. Criterium du dauphine suffered severe bruising and skin abrasions, german champion schachmann collided with a car and broke his capitate bone during the lombardy circuit. In addition, buchmann's austrian noble helper gregor muhlberger injured his hand. Lennard kamna's first professional victory was overshadowed on saturday in the french alps, as was colombian daniel martinez's overall victory on sunday after five stages.

Streitberg is to get a

The design planning for the village square in streitberg has been completed. It marks the start of the second phase of the village renewal project. This is estimated at about 1.6 million euros, with a demand of about 65 percent. According to the office for land development in bamberg, a hearing is necessary for the plan approval. This will take place on tuesday, 22. January, at 2 p.M. In the town hall of the market town of wiesenttal in muggendorf. The initial situation for the village renewal "village square" according to the explanatory report, the square is as follows: "the square stretches from bahnhofstrabe (staatsstrabe 2286), starting at the schrenker estate, into the schauertal valley. The square will be flanked on the western side by the hotel "schwarzer adler" and the "adlerbrennerei". The east side forms a row of houses, all of which are privately owned. The asphalt surface of the village square is heavily damaged by heavy and agricultural traffic. The existing planting is, except for the lime tree in the last third of the square, not sustainable. For this reason, the village square is to be redesigned and become the center of public life in the climatic health resort." as far as the bamberger authority.

Fubweg to the bahnhofstrabe

The previous roadway runs on both sides past the schrenker property. The new street entrance will be moved to the east side of the building. On the west side, according to the draft plan, there will be a green space with a footpath connecting to bahnhofstrabe. In front of the adjoining houses, it is planned to lay out a grassy area, which will delimit the square. This will create a village character. A "stone gutter" nestles as a prominent design element between the square and the roadway. The water of the wedenbach will be made tangible through the shallow channel, as the planner envisions. The outflowing water reaches the "stone channel" through an underground outlet. Here it flies a short distance and then disappears in a ducker. Through this it then enters the second part of the channel and at the end runs back into the underground wedenbach.