New construction sites in kleinwenkheim starting in 2020

Despite some vacancies in the town center, the small town district can hope for growth in the medium term: at the town hall meeting in the kleinwenkheim sports center, mayor helmut blank (CSU) explained the new situation in front of a record-breaking crowd (around 20 percent of the population of the community of 320 souls had come).

In view of the rough demand in all parts of the city, the need for action was also seen in kleinwenkheim and the planning of a new building area was started. "But the previous plans had not been realizable", said blank. The development costs had been too high for the residents because of the difficult land situation. Now an alternative has opened up. On the road to fridritt, the municipality owns a plot of land that can be divided into six building plots. In addition, a neighbor has signaled a willingness to sell, which will significantly improve the layout of the individual pitches. There is already a serious buyer interested, and blank assumes that the rough demand – as in the other city districts – will start when the development becomes concrete.

Today, children, there will be something

Last year, santa claus was not allowed to go from house to house because of the corona contact restrictions. This year, heinrich witzgall is allowed to visit the children again. For 45 years, he has had a passion for corpsing santa claus, just as he has for beekeeping. He started as a 13-year-old when there was no one left in the town of stadtsteinach to play this role. "I was already rougher than the children I was supposed to visit, and so it worked out to give the four- to ten-year-olds a good telling off." of course, the children mostly knew that santa claus was not real, witzgall says. "Nevertheless it is fantastic – for both sides. It suddenly creates a completely different atmosphere, he says.

"It occasionally happens that a child clearly says that santa claus does not exist. Then he explains to him that santa claus comes on the 6th of december. December has so much to do that he can’t do it all himself. Therefore, he sends helpers to dress up like him and take work off his hands. The child is satisfied with this explanation."

Trapp and sahin: surprise transfers on the last day

Eintracht frankfurt brings back a national goalkeeper from paris, borussia dortmund gives an identification figure to werder bremen, and thomas tuchel gets a defender from FC bayern munchen: at the end of the transfer window, there was still plenty of activity in the bundesliga.

The big transfer bombshells were missing, however, and 2014 world champion jerôme boateng is not transferring and is staying in munich. The most spectacular transfer was announced on friday by DFB cup winners frankfurt with the return of national goalkeeper kevin trapp. Nuri sahin’s move from dortmund to werder also caused a stir.

Sloterdijk: suddenly politics can set priorities

The philosopher peter sloterdijk sees in the corona crisis the state as an agent reawakened. Previously, politics had presented itself as driven by factual constraints.

"Now something is coming out that the politicians should not have been so fond of, namely the effective capacity of the state to act," sloterdijk told the austrian news agency APA. The attempt to contain the pandemic was a tremendous demonstration of the ability to draw up a list of priorities. The concern for the budget had been pushed far into the background. In the past, it was said: "we can’t afford anything that we can’t pay for. Today we can pay for everything – with prepaid money. We have tricked reality."

Neuseser fcb fans help with a jersey raffle

The FC bayern fan club "neuseser flober exists for 25 years. At the anniversary celebration, a bayern munich jersey with original signatures was raffled off for a good cause. 650 euros was raised in the process – topped up even further. Now the donations and profits were handed over.

In 1994, 28 supporters of the german record champion founded the fan club "neuseser flober". The 25th anniversary was celebrated on 13. July at the floberplatz. A major concern of the members, with axel schrepfer at the helm, was to do good with the proceeds of the festive event.

Union and spd at odds over possible tax cuts

In view of a record federal surplus, the debate about possible tax cuts is gaining momentum. Federal economics minister peter altmaier (CDU) wants to cut corporate taxes again, while SPD leader norbert walter-borjans wants to ease the burden on small and medium incomes.

"We need to improve the framework conditions for companies so that they can remain competitive internationally," altmaier told the german press agency. "Our companies need more air to breathe so that they can make the crucial investments in the technologies of the future. This includes tax relief and reduction of bureaucracy."Altmaier has long called for lower corporate taxes and a complete abolition of the solidarity surcharge – but the SPD is against it.

There is already fire under the roof in dettelbach

The players from dettelbach and its suburbs are without a coach just before the duel with their former coach duo thomas hofmann and tim reiner. The successor to the two, thomas freund, asked the club officials on monday – one day after the 0:5 home defeat to start the season in the district league against SC lindleinsmuhle – to cancel his contract, officially for professional reasons. Daniel rugamer, coach of the dettelbach reserve team, has taken over freund’s position until further notice.

After the relegation in may from the district league east, this is now another blow for the club. "I was not surprised by his retirement, even if the timing is very unfavorable for us," says sports director christian graber about the departure of the coach. Since taking over in dettelbach, he has had to contend with personnel problems in particular.

debate on radio license fees: what the proposed fee reform means for viewers

The broadcasting contribution reliably generates political discussion. So far, all 16 german states have to agree on how much their households will pay for ARD and ZDF. One reform model now proposes linking the fee to the rate of inflation. Frankfurt a.M. . The discussion about the future of ARD and ZDF continues: the media politicians of the federal states will discuss a possible reform of broadcasting fees next week. In the future, the levy could be based on the general price increase. This is a proposal that baden-wurttemberg, bavaria, hamburg, saxony, schleswig-holstein and thuringia have worked out. The six states also call for a redesigned mission for public broadcasting.

Broadcasting contribution: fee to be linked to inflation rate

The paper submitted by the six states also emphasizes that ARD and ZDF should focus on information, culture and education. The broadcasting commission of the states will discuss possible reforms at its meeting in berlin on wednesday, and the proposals could also be discussed at the conference of ministers-presidents on thursday.
If the broadcasting fee were indexed, it would automatically rise in line with the respective inflation rates. The states would then no longer have to decide the future level of the contribution every four years, as they had done previously. The process has been "depoliticized, as the proposal states.

Social division in german cities increases rapidly

The poor and the rich in german cities are increasingly living together on the tur. The social divide is particularly pronounced in eastern germany, according to a study published today by the berlin science center for social research.

For their study, the authors investigated the social mix in 74 german cities from 2005 to 2014. In about 80 percent of these municipalities, the spatial concentration of people living on state social benefits such as hartz IV had increased. In eastern germany, the development is much more noticeable, at 23 percent, than in western german cities, at around 8 percent.