Campaigns pro and contra Burgerhaus

campaigns pro and contra burgerhaus

After the city again argues extensively in its city paper for the conversion of the former department store into a burgerhaus, the burgerinitiative now also starts its information campaign. They use the internet as a platform.

The burger initiative against the burgerhaus has set up a facebook page and its own internet site. Under buergerhaus-hammelburg.She explains her reasons for the citizens’ petition against the remodeling plans for the department store.

Main criticism is the architecture of the future building. "We want a burgerhaus – but the current planning concept is not conducive to the overall ensemble of the marketplace", heibt it there in the first place.

A chronology of the past two years traces how the decision to rebuild, the architectural competition and the current design came about. However, the website is not yet complete. Some sections need to be filled with information, which is why they are still empty.

The burgerinitiative responds to the campaign of the city. In the youngest issue of the stadtblatt, 13 people from the city and its districts speak out on five pages for the architect’s design. These statements also deal with the aesthetic concept, among other things: they argue for the building style.

In addition, the city has gone public with a new cost calculation. On its website it announces that it can count on a higher funding amount than previously assumed. With around 7.24 million euros in total costs, 4.27 million euros in subsidies are now confirmed. Until now, the city had assumed a cost of 2.94 million euros. This reduced the city’s own contribution from 4.30 million euros to 2.97 million euros.

On monday, 10. September, the city council decides whether the citizens’ petition against the plans for the town hall is admissible and thus whether a referendum will be held. The burger initiative submitted 1141 signatures against the burgerhaus two weeks ago. Although there were some invalid signatures from foreigners, people with only a secondary residence in hammelburg or otherwise not entitled to vote, the citizens’ initiative has safely reached the necessary threshold of 818 signatures. This was the result of the review of the lists by the city administration.

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