Calm and businesslike: fortuna manager werner

calm and businesslike: fortuna manager werner

When he took over as sports director at the then regional league club fortuna dusseldorf in april 2007, he had a vision: "the club belongs back in the bundesliga." there the german champion of 1933 has arrived again. What gave werner not only great pleasure, but also a lot of work. He had the difficult task of putting together a team that was up to the challenge. Good value, hungry for success, ambitious.

Werner and head coach norbert meier paid close attention to the rejuvenation of the squad to ensure that the new fortunes bring a high level of commitment and willingness to run. The leadership duo wanted to create a sense of we, wanted to convince the fans of the returnee with malocher mentality of the professionals that it is worthwhile to stand loyal to fortuna.

And now? "Every game day is a festive day," noted werner jungst with a smile of pleasure. There is one thing, however, that werner will by no means tolerate: anyone leaning back at flinger broich after the so far successful national league comeback. Because for him, satisfaction is a step backwards.

This was always true of him, whether with the amateur teams of vfb komet bremen, FC steinhude or tus esens. Or later, when he was an assistant under jupp heynckes at borussia monchengladbach and his successor as head coach from 1987 to 1989. Stations at the junior level with bayern munchen and werder bremen are also part of werner’s curriculum vitae. He has also been in charge of fortuna: between 13. November and the 31. December 2007 in the northern regional league – then meier took over.

After the turmoil surrounding the relegation match against hertha BSC was settled, werner’s vision of a first-class fortuna had become a reality. At the latest, a phase began that he remembers as "quite stressful" because it was up to him to bring in players who had the ability to make it to the top flight.

Werner’s goal: the new youngsters should "force the remaining older ones to reach their full potential," as werner told the "rheinische post" before the start of the season. This seems to be working, although the fortuna manager does not rule out the possibility of setbacks.

One of the most important aspects of werner’s work is and remains economic stability. "If the people in dusseldorf all knew exactly what achievement wolf werner has accomplished in the past years – they would carry him through the city with the gentleness" – this praise of his departing meier speaks volumes.

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