Body of frankfurt “bierkonig” exhumed

body of frankfurt 'bierkonig' exhumed

A police spokeswoman confirmed on saturday a report of the "bild" newspaper. Schubert died in october 2010 at the age of 90. The public prosecutor’s office later opened an investigation into his death. According to "bild" there is the suspicion that schubert was intentionally not properly cared for and then died of thirst. There is a bitter dispute about the inheritance.

Opposing each other are: meharit schubert, widow of the former owner of the henninger brewery, and an environmental foundation founded by schubert. Last year, the frankfurt district court declared the widow the sole heir. She had filed a lawsuit against the environmental foundation set up by her husband, who was 64 years old. The foundation was originally set up as an heir – years before schubert married his second wife. The foundation did not give up and lodged an appeal.

According to "bild," the widow’s lawyers now see the exhumation of the body as a new storm fire, controlled by schubert’s illegitimate son. The aim is to prevent meharit schubert from being confirmed as the heir in the next round of the probate dispute before the higher regional court in june.

According to the police spokeswoman, the body was exhumed on friday and will now be examined on behalf of the public prosecutor’s office. She did not give any further details. The public prosecutor’s office could not be reached for comment at first.

Schubert was known as the "frankfurt beer king" for decades. He sold the traditional henninger brewery in 1979 and has been involved in environmental protection ever since. For his commitment, the city had awarded him the honorary citizenship.

It is still not known to the public what assets schubert left behind at all. An end to the story is not yet in sight.

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