Behind the first door there was a tree with golden stars

Behind the first door there was a tree with golden stars

The franziskus kindergarten with its director ines fuchs held an advent celebration on saturday under the motto "stars in advent the first advent window opening in front of the town hall.

In their opening song, the children sang "a candle shines far, through the darkness" its anticipation of the christmas feast. Six children then recited two lines of a poem, each beginning with the word "ADVENT" joined.

Then eight girls formed a circle to sing the song "children bring light into the darkness" a dance with their starry lanterns to the full. In the meaningful role-play "the starry tree an old man played the leading role, who, in a time when people no longer even know their neighbors, especially in the big cities, and when illuminated advertising dominates at christmas time, remembered the old days when his mother or grandmother told stories by the tiled stove and the children made golden paper stars and hung them on the windows. He found another roll of gold paper, made stars out of it, and when the power went out during a storm and everything in the city was dark, he decorated a tree in the city in the middle of the night with the gold stars, which sparkled in the moonlight so that the inhabitants appeared. He presented them with the stars, and immediately the city shone in bright splendor.

While the children sang the song "a door is opening for me", the chairman of the parents’ council christian schober climbed up the ladder and opened the first shutter, behind which said tree with gold stars emerged. After a prayer said by three children with the wish for a peaceful advent and a peaceful christmas, the children ended the celebration with the first verse of the well-known advent song "we say to you dear advent". Thi

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