Aiwanger deplores “alienation from agriculture” in schirradorf

Aiwanger deplores 'alienation from agriculture' in Schirradorf

All the speakers at the schirradorf farmers’ day made a clear commitment to farming – above all hubert aiwanger, bavarian minister of economic affairs and deputy minister president. "We do not need to hide and we do not need to be lectured", said aiwanger in the rough hall of the agricultural engineering company nicklas. The farmers are the guarantors that this land will be nourished and that it will be maintained as it is. But the farmers also wanted this achievement to be honestly recognized.

Agriculture in the spotlight

Of course, the minister of economics also knew that the agricultural sector is currently being pilloried as never before. Aiwanger defended the fact that the state government had accepted the petition for a referendum and now wanted to provide for resolutions with a companion law. "If we had not done this, the request would have been implemented one-to-one in a referendum in the fall." this was prevented.

Aiwanger was convinced of this and also promised to make sure that the state government would now make the best of the situation. "We saved what could be saved", he said.

But aiwanger also said: "I don’t think it’s right that the farmers’ association is now criticizing us for this.

Against the background of a "dangerous alienation of the population from agriculture" the minister again pleaded for more common sense. Of course, everything has to be in order, but a certain amount of leeway is always possible. And that is why he will do everything in his power to prevent agriculture from being put in the spotlight again.

Previously, district chairman wilfried lowinger had drawn a gloomy picture of the profession. Dung ordinance, bluetongue disease, wolf and now the petition for a referendum. Many farmers were afraid of the future. Technical knowledge no longer counts, instead it’s all about ideology. With the drought and the hot temperatures in june, the farmers are threatened with new adversity. The consequences of the drought of the past year have not yet been overcome, but there are already no significant setbacks. "We fear the worst", said lowinger. If it goes on like this, there will be an even bigger catastrophe than last year, because among other things the food reserves are exhausted.

Shortage of professionals

Edwin nicklas, head of the agricultural engineering company in schirradorf, complained about a lack of personnel and skilled workers. "I don’t know where the future craftsmen will come from", he said, criticizing the high school graduation and university study rates. He was also critical of the european data protection regulation, which is "200 percent" in germany had been implemented. For him, as a typical medium-sized company, this had already cost a five-figure sum and much, much time.

A strong commitment to the local farmers was promised by rainer ludwig, member of the state parliament. Jobs, exemplary environmental protection, innovative energy concepts, but also tradition and the preservation of traditions: all this is what makes agriculture in bavaria so special. That is why it is so important to strengthen the farmers.

Respect and appreciation

On the other hand, the entire industry must not be badmouthed. Ludwig: "we see them at the center of our society. It enjoys trust, respect and high esteem."

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